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 Sajid Khan
 Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy
 Ritesh Deshmukh, Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan, Vidya Balan.

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Rhythm (Shankar Mahadevan), Vibe (Ehsaan Noori) and Sound (Loy Mendonsa) strikes a combustible chemistry again and “fire in them” continues to upsurge and explode as they reputedly and repeatedly lives up to their gargantuan status. Shankar Ehsaan Loy (SEL) gets into the groove with their peculiar thriving thrust as they lauds rich blend of hip-hop, trance, R n B, Sufi rock in their upbeat musical packaging in Sajid Khan’s HEYY BABYY. It mainly constitutes “pub-culture” musical mania in stylish Afro-American bang with voguish Aussie styled “Girl Band” ushering innovative impulse to the show. The magic continues with couple of delightful sappy tracks with dash of Sufi rock. The megalomania of musical outburst unravels from philandering acts of party entertainers to the flagrant and extroverted love chemistry and finally ends up with expressions of considerate paternity.

SEL’s flamboyance in snazzy “n” cheerful delivering title tracks have been milestone success in the past and the grandiosity of rave party maintains its top slot as trance cum hip-hop music hits the deck in playful “Heyy Babyy”. It’s kind of groovy party track that can really pump up adrenalin and kick-start the animated feel among disco freaks on the floors. After “Ticket to Hollywood” (JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM), Neeraj Sridhar zooms in with another zany and peppy track that comes out with volubly crisper lyrical flow from Sameer. The spotlight of this hip-shaking rendezvous is the eclectically resonating sound of “A-E-O-A” that collides impulsively with electronically punched hip-hop bang by Loy Mendonsa. New entrants Raman and Pervez Quadir chill out as effervescently scintillating back up vocal duo that contributes magnificently to this party feast. It reminisces back to the ardor and zeal of “Koi Kahe” (DIL CHAHTA HAI) but the rhythm, vibe and sound is upbeat and a complete knock out from the first beat.

DJ Whosane pumps up in more meat with extra enthused pulsating electronic and hip-hop DJ spins, skips and scratches that invigorates the racy impact of loud and thriving vocals in “Heyy Babyy” (The Big “O” Remix). It’s extra-emphasized jingled hook-line “A-E-O-A” that forms zany loop with concocted impact of percussive elements and DJ’s techno-wizardry in building an animated tempo on the floors. The slang “Heyy Babyy” finds its Australian connection as the voguish “Girl Band” steams out with “concert” feel bang in their portentously girlish fling in upbeat “Heyy Babyy” (featuring Girl Band). Anvita Dutt Guptan’s jumbo-mumbo wordings are joyous to hilt while DJ Akabar Sami lauds out with stylish and chic mode DJ wizardry.

SEL and Sajid Khan’s strong inclination towards Yashraj’s branded music gleams and it protrudes out in soft malleable melody “Dholna”. Its instrumental prelude, gesticulating rhythmic patterns and lyrical flow are “good-naturedly” similar to “Dholna” (DIL TO PAAGAL HAI). Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal mellifluously synchronized vocals unravel through phases of eternal romanticism and expressiveness are well emanated with delectable vocal modulation. It’s a delight to experience two refined vocals back together but the splurge of chartbusting treat is missing. Afro-American styled slow “n” trendy hip-hop impulse with strong tinge of sluggishly pitched “lounge” impact is rechristened to perfection by DJ Whosane in “Dholna” (Love is in the Air Remix). Its relaxing and soothing impact in typical hip-hop mode is innovatively stylish and positively a cool attribute to album’s credentials. Hear it loud to enjoy a romantic mushy feel on the floors!

It’s all about “babe” wooing! Caribbean styled carnival zest is at full throttle and the vibrant percussive elements along with megalomaniac musical bash are all over the floors in the madcap “n” pompous “Jaane Bhi De”. Shankar Mahadevan’s booming voice and Loy’s intimidating piercing vocal impact are exuding all playful tales and this roguish endeavor’s prop up mischievously with catchy rhythmical beats that makes it a showstopper from the word “go”. Watch out for its scintillating cinematic vibrant allure that will positively be rocker on-screen and a dizzy delight to the refreshing ears. “Jaane Bhi De (Hip hop Hiccup Remix), bundle of eclectic electronic “n” hip-hop mania kick-starts off with gibberish talk and finally contorts itself to “club” style of booty shaking dance music. DJ Whosane’s volubly stylish rendition of “move it-feel it-shake it” kind of work is breed apart and positively a rocker on the floors. Groove it!

Shankar Mahadevan’s prowess with soul-stirring smoothening tracks maintains it’s supreme as he collages impressively with vocally superlative Shaan and Sonu Nigam in ushering out soulful “Meri Duniya Tu Hi Tu”. SEL finds strong inclination from “Seasons in the Sun” (WESTLIFE) in soft and subtle rhythmical patterns though the lyrical flow fails to find optimum trapping in its middle interludes. Ehsaan Noori’s fender guitar strumming in the midst of “antaras” sounds of wind chimes and soft synthesizers notes are highly enjoyable while the humming of “Oh-ho-ho-ho” is the epitome of its theatrical presentation that binds all the three voices effectively. It could have been executed in more improvised form as it hops many moments of tenderness in its moderately penned “antaras” but still it embarks a feel of everlasting compassion of paternity. Feel its signature music loop as its supple notes and rhythms will be a promising iconic feature in its cinematic display.

Sufi rock steals the show and zooms in with its capriciously rhythms and sounds in loud and rumbustious musical arrangements with a rhythm-divine feel in impressive “Mast Kalander”. It’s an ode to traditional Sufi rock that was pioneered by the likes of “Bulle Shah” as Sameer’s lyrics bear strong inspirations from its ethnicity. Shankar Mahadevan along with Rehan Khan, Sajid Khan and Salim Shehzada sings out this Sufi rock “Qawaali” that reminds of “Mast Kalander” sung by Pakistani band “Junoon” and great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in their heydays with an improvised upbeat orchestration. After Himesh Reshammiya’s composed “Aawan Akhiyan” (AHISTA AHISTA), this SEL fusion musical works magic as all boisterously punched vocals sings in tandem with over-enthused arrangements. Its situational feel and “off beat” mode might restrict its takers but overall it’s a great job that can be relish on and off screen.

SEL justifies their might and supremacy with élan again as HEYY BABYY shapes into trenchantly profound musical presentation. Feel the electronically penchant disco thump, snazzy hip-hop trance, stereotyped melody and rhythmical Sufi rock in its musical packaging as the album adds another feather to the cap of this gifted musical trio.

Impressive Show!

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