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 Home Delivery
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Sujoy Ghosh
 Vishal and Shekhar
 Vivek Oberoi, Ayesha Takiya and Mahima Chaudhary

By Ronak Kotecha, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Home DeliveryThe genre of jesting is definitely rocking this year. Right from Bunty aur Babli to Garam Masala, the farce flicks have done brisk business and continue to hit the silver screen, uninterrupted. Director Sujoy Ghosh’s Home Delivery makes its way to the theatres this winter while its music struggles for a foothold in the musical rat race where music directors, Vishal and Shekhar set their urbane tunes on Vishals contemporary lyrics for all the tracks.

Rhyme and Rhythm are in shambles right from the title prologue Home Delivery that thankfully comes to a quick conclusion. Comedian Boman Irani extends his ubiquitous talents to singing as well, but the only likable aspect of the track is the Chorus. Shaan’s soothing rendition in Kaash too turns out to be extremely arid and unimpressive due to the lack of melody, which thankfully is in abundance (only) in this next celebratory track Happy Diwali, where a brigade of tuneful kiddies including Vaishali, Surthi, Divya, Suraj, Aparna along with Sunidhi Chauhan, come together. Khushboo Churati is no childs play, as Sunidhi switches to the intense mode where not much is riveting, excluding Sunidhi. Suddenly Sanjay (Dutt) takes to the microphone and croons the subdued track Maya.

Today, with genuine singing talents being scouted from all across the nation, there is no reason why Sanjay Dutt should be bothered. If you are patient enough to venture this far, then Chand Ki Roshni is just Home Deliveryabout listenable. K.K solely and solemnly executes this one with good amount of conviction and emotion, where Vishal’s sensible lyrics are a definite help. Music director cum lyricist cum extremely good singer, Vishal Dadlani, vehemently sings the passionate Gyaan Guru, which is more like a rap song. However good Vishal’s singing may be, the track itself is deficient enough to be avoided. Another surprise package can be one Shekhar Ravjiani who sounds like a seasoned singer in Cuckoo Cuckoo that is just a 2-minute long duet that also features Sunidhi Chauhan. Inspired from the loud melodies of the early 90s, the track is just good enough to end this gawky compilation on a pleasant note. After the roaring success of the music of Jhankaar Beats, it is surprising for the same team to come up with such a musical disaster. Nonetheless, such movies have a strong edge when it comes to word of mouth publicity. Lets hope the word is extended to its contemptible music too.

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