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Music Review : Jackpot

Director :  Kaizad Gustad
Music :  Sharib-Toshi, Mika Singh, Remo Fernandez , Itek Bhutani, Sridevi Keshavan and Janaka Atugoda, Jaaved Jaffri and Rahul Bhatt
Lyrics :  Irfan Siddiqui, Turaz-Azeem Shirazi, Kaizad Gustad, Remo Fernandez, Raj Hans, Sridevi Keshavan and Ramya Iyer
Starring :  Naseeruddin Shah, Sachiin Joshi and Sunny Leone

November 19, 2013 05:27:49 PM IST
By Rafat, Glamsham Editorial
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Kaizad Gustad's last film Amitabh Bachchan's BOOM, is one those flicks that both the mega star Bachchan and the 'super starni' Katrina Kaif would surely like to forget, despite the fact that the film marked the debut of Katrina! Its music was a situational one and was in no way memorable. So there are not much expectations from a host of composers led by Sharib-Toshi, singer Mika Singh who turns composer and quite a few fresh and old music directors. Let's check out whether Kaizad's team of composers put up a memorable offering this time around.

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Lovely piano notes and crisp sound of rainfall herald the love-cum-separation number, 'Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse', the kind that is tailor made for an Emraan Hashmi flick. Sharib-Toshi are on song! The number is almost in an unplugged mode with just minimal music arrangements and one can decipher guitar strums and at times some harmonica. Arijit Singh base and almost inebriated vocals are a delight to savour and are the highlight of this lovely number.

There is a female version of the song as well rendered superbly by the 'sureeli' Shreya Ghoshal and its always a treat listening to her.

'Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse' remix by Maxi Priest is more club friendly and is like a lounge version with added tempo and beats . There is another remix version by Rishi Rich and it is a pleasant departure from the original.

The undoubted king of item numbers, Mika Singh composes and renders the racy 'Full Jhol' in his inimitable and well-loved style and Akasa Singh provides oomph support with added rap. Lots of synthesized beats and rhythm add to the dance effect.

'Jackpot Jeetna'' is a situational title track with lots of English thrown in so much so that it almost sounds like an English number. Sung by Sunidhi Sinha it provides a peek into the film and adds to the narrative. The background music and lyrics lend mystery and thrill.

'Jackpot' starts of like a racy instrumental with lots of synthesized rhythmic beats and percussions, the kind that one can picture in the thrilling background with a shrill high pitched Hamsika Iyer joining in the later half with just repeated 'Jackpot'.

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'Bol Burger Bol', the situational rap and hip hop number by Remo Fernandez is humorously laden and takes the story forward. The tune is at times inspired by 'Pyaar Mein Sauda Nahin' (BOBBY), may be due to Goan influences.

Easily the most entertaining and the best of the lot is the funny and situational composition 'Eggjactly' sung by Javed Jafferi. Javed's rendition, which is like a conversation/recitation sort is sidesplitting as he handles the topical and political, dark humor and sarcasm laden number (that takes pot shot at the country and the maladies plaguing it) in his very own popular and hilarious style. Lyricist deserves credit for etching out the present scenario in an entertaining manner. Wonder why he does not do it more often! Would indeed be fun to watch the number on-screen.

'Now You See It, Now You Don't'
rendered well by Hamsika Aiyer, is a brief English number which will fit in well into the narrative.

To sum up, the music of JACKPOT is totally situational, one that is designed to take the story forward and so it can gain popularity after the film releases. However two songs, 'Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse' and 'Eggjactly' do have the potential hit the charts and are our favourite as well. Extensive promotions is needed for the album to make a mark and scale the charts.

 Rating : 
3/ 5 stars
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