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Starring :
 Feroz Khan
 Anand Raj Anand & others
 Praveen Bhardawaj & others
 Feroz Khan, Fardeen Khan, Celina Jaitely, Kashmira Shah, Johny Lever

By Goher Iqbal Punn

Feroz Khan, the sexy hero of yesteryears, is back again along with his latest production titled Janasheen. Directed by none other than Feroz himself, Janasheen features the likes of son Fardeen Khan, Feroz Khan and Kashmira Shah in the leading roles. Celina Jaitely, the former Miss India-currently model, makes her debut opposite Fardeen Khan in this flick. The sexiest Celina, who happens to be a wild girl in her works, continues her wildness fully in Janasheen by exposing her body parts in accurate manners. Director Feroz Khan is much known for making the heroines sexiest by using different costumes such as Saaris and Western outfits. And he always completely succeeds in all of his efforts and then the outcomes display the reality on the screen accurately and accordingly. Present example being Celina in the promos of Janasheen. His films have always been musical treats for moviegoers. Janasheen too carries this tradition accordingly for which he used a horde of musicians only for creating versatility in music. Anand Raj Anand, Mrinal Sampat-Channi Singh, Sukhwinder Singh and Biddu polish up their respective instruments to score the music for the film. Amongst them, Anand Raj Anand pockets four tracks out of total eight to compose. Praveen Bhardawaj, Dev Kohli, Tejpal Kaur, Timon Singh, Nasir Kazmi and Ijaz Ahmad Ijaz clean the dust on their respective pens for writing lyrics for the album. A combination of good singers emerges on the album for the soothing comforts of the listeners. Music giant T-Series releases the soundtrack equipped with 8 numbers to offer to its listeners.

The soundtrack welcomes the listeners with a melodious and romantic duet, Dil Deewana Beqrar, sung by Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik in sweet rhythm. This song of Janasheen is the best one on the entire album. The track starts off well with the soft rhythmical music, which grows on ears easily and provides soothing pleasures. Both the vocalists do well with their respective jobs. Alka showcases her sweet voice accurately whereas the velvety fire voice singer Sonu Nigam displays the versatility and brilliancy of his skills perfectly. He is in his true elements. Background chorus gels well with the mood of the song. Whilst the playing of violin which emerges time and again on the narration of the song, simply haunts and catches the breath accordingly. The arrangement of jhankaar and clapping with instruments stick out most amongst other musical instruments. Praveen Bhardawaj, getting drowned in ideas, pens superb lyrics. Anand Raj Anand, who has been playing a lucrative innings over the past few years, arranges catchy tunes for the song. The song has been running on all usual music channels for last many days. And the visuals of the song features Fardeen Khan and Celina in the lead. Celina looks too hot in the visuals exposing her body parts widely but the scenes of her playing piano attract a lot. The direction and cinematography deserve full marks. Whereas choreography too impresses.

Teri Chahat Mein lands up next on the album having Gauri Bapat (new comer), Sonu Nigam and Jaspinder Nairula doing the honors. The song emerges as a melodious, energetic and an item number altogether. The song starts well with much oomph. Gauri Bapat and Jaspinder Nairula fetch listeners' applaud in plenty. Whilst versatile Sonu Nigam passes his examination with full marks as well. Background chorus is well arranged. Whereas tabla amongst other fast beats instruments take the lead and attracts with its rhythmical sound. Timon Singh as a lyricist raises the spirits accurately. The composition by Biddu is electrifying. The visuals of the song are on air currently featuring the likes of Celina and Fardeen dancing well as per the tunes. Celina again displays hotness in the visuals. The direction is first-rate. Cinematography and choreography too bag positive marks. Overall, the song is catchy all the way.

An electrifying duet, Ishq Fitrat Hai, delivered by singing maestro Sukhwinder Singh and sharp voice singer Sunidhi Chauhan, appears on the album next. A folk type of song all the way, which begins well with an active piece of music followed by Sukhwinder and Sunidhi's impressive vocals. For some time, an Arabic style of music takes place, which is no doubt has pleasures wrapped in it. Dev Kohli uses his pen to write creative lyrics for the song. Arrangement of instruments catches the breath altogether. Delivery of "Ishq Ishq" by Sukhwinder attracts. Whereas Anand Raj Anand arranges a soothing treat for the listeners. Overall the song bags attention of the listeners.

Ab Ke Baar Poonam happens along with Gauri Bapat and Babul Supriyo on the album. Narration in attractive words delivered by Gauri Bapat in the initial reels of the song fetches urgent attention of the listeners. Gauri sings her following part accurately but her vocals for this very part seem just ok whilst Babul Supriyo is passable. Piano attracts as an instrument. Nasir Kazmi writes completely average lyrics. The duo of Mrinal Sampat-Channi Singh composes the tunes, which seem so much familiar. Overall the song is plain average.

Next comes up a solo by Sukhwinder Singh. Akhiyan is a fast beats song altogether. Sukhwinder does not seem to be in his usual elements here with this song. Background chorus is below average. Ijaz Ahmad Ijaz pens average lyrics. Whereas composers' duo Mrinal Sampat-Channi Singh follows the team by decorating simply average music, which has no sparks at all to amuse the listeners. An average song from all angles.

Aaja Merey Yaara a melodious solo by Gauri Bapat spreads magic altogether next on the album. Violin pushes up the song, which provides comforts to the ears. Gauri renders the song in a perfect and well-managed style. Her vocals are catchy all the way. Drumming attracts amongst other instruments. Background chorus is just ok. Violin playing takes place throughout the song spreading romance all around. Anand Raj Anand designs music stage with so much innovation together with the lyricist Dev Kohli who pens impressive lyrics for the song. The song is on air these days featuring Celina in the lead. Overall the song attracts the listeners.

Marhaba, a duet by Sukhwinder Singh and a new comer Muskaan emerges with oomph on the soundtrack. Rendered by Sukhwinder and Muskaan, the song happens to be an active piece all the way. As far as Sukhwinder is concerned, he does his job pretty well. He is a classy singer and knows his onions well. Whilst Muskaan being a new comer too attracts with her vocals. Sukhwinder's delivery of "Marhaba Marhaba" catches the breath. Background chorus gels well with the mood of the song. Ibrahim Ashq's lyrics do not stay well with the song's theme. Sukhwinder also happens to be the musician for this song but unfortunately for him, his composition does not carry any weight nor impress either. He had better continue his singing rather than immersing himself in arranging tunes. If he likes to be a good composer as well then he will have to spend much time in educating himself for gaining knowledge of this field. Overall the song is average.

Dildara Ishq Tera locks up the album. An item song altogether. Delivered by piano-music-singing maestro Adnan Sami and electrifying voice singer Sunidhi Chauhan, the song boils the blood. Adnan grabs the listeners' attention with his usual manly and full throat voice. Whilst Sunidhi captures the listeners in her magical voice. The song has full masti for the amusement of the listeners. Tejpal Kaur writes intoxicated lyrics, which lift the spirits. Whereas Anand Raj Anand scores perfect music while having the knowledge of the theme of the lyrics in mind. Overall the song provides true energies and pleasures.

The soundtrack of Janasheen despite having some average numbers along, displays Feroz Khan's taste of innovative music accurately.

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