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Starring :
 Sanjay F. Gupta
 Vishal - Shekhar
 Dev Kohli, Vishal, Irshad Kamil, Amit Mishra, Pankaj Awasthi.
 John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra, Bharat Dabholkar.

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Download Karam WallpapersFollowing some, formidable cinematography in movies like "Kaante", Sanjay F. Gupta takes a crack at direction and his first ever venture is ready for release in shape of "Karam". Style and youth icons Priyanka Chopra and John Abraham are synonymous with each other. And so is the music director duo Vishal-Shekhar, who proved with "Musafir" that being in vogue means being noticed and with "Karam" the contemporary music composers are all set to captivate the young hearts all over again.

View Karam Movie Stills"Karam" is a product of Baweja movies, produced by Pammi Baweja who along with husband Harry Baweja has given reasonably successful movies over the last decade.

The introductory track - "Tinka Tinka" more than establishes the mysterious undergo of the movie with a mystical tune and soulful rendition by Alisha Chinoy. The track quietly grows on you while you listen intently and Alisha's swish vocals succeed in bequeathing a class appeal. Momentous lyrics by Vishal and Irshad Kamil aptly convey the feeling of numinous sensuousness.

Instrumental of this track is also worth listening especially due to an extremely suave saxophone usage.

Sunidhi livens up the serene music scene with "Ishq Nachaya Kare". A racy track with distinctive Sunidhi style singing and item number treatment may not impress many due to its triteness and lack of a likable tune as well. Vishal's lyrics are just as average, but overlooking all of that, the track might just find place in a DJ's collection due to its fervent tempo. Instrumental of this track plugs the space on Side B without doing much value addition.

Vishal pens this one and renders along with Harshdeep. "Le Jaa" is once again a mellow number with sensitive feel and a very cautious orchestration. Vishal is not clearly audible in his rendition while Harshdeep who sounds so much like Richa Sharma deserves some applause for her vivid performance. Lyrically and musically the track is quite a let down and fails to make an impact throughout its short run. The track re-appears on Side B, only to do more harm to the album.

Download Karam Wallpapers"Tera Hi Karam" - the title track is again a different kind of track by Pankaj Awasthi who not only sings but also writes and composes the track along with Amit Mishra. His style of singing is unique and appraisable for long stretched pitches, but in totality, the track lacks any entertaining element and comes to an abrupt end. This one too is played again on the other side of the cassette.

"Koi Aisa Alam" is the last and the only new track on Side B. Sonu Nigam and Mahalxmi obviously make a better choice of singers and live up to their names. Vishal-Shekhar too get into the right spirits, but its too late, as this is the concluding track on the album. Better in every sense of term, from a lovable melody to rendition that is zealously pleasant and Dev Kohli's lyrics that complete the last piece of the entertainment jigsaw, the track leaves an impact that can play on.

Download Karam WallpapersThe album begins and ends with masterpieces by extremely talented youth music icons, but the anarchy of not so great compositions in the middle of these two great tracks may hamper the overall impact of the album. However, with names like Sanjay F. Gupta and the Bawejas, the music should manage to get to the audiences in a very slick fashion.

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