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Director :  Deepti Kakkar and Fahad Mustafa
Music :  Amit Kilam, Rahul Ram (Indian Ocean) and Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum
Lyrics :  Varun Grover
Starring :  Loha Singh and Ritu Maheshwari

August 18, 2014 11:10:23 AM IST
updated March 9, 2015 5:51:39 PM IST
By Rafat, Glamsham Editorial
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Phantom Films have an outstanding record of providing not only 'hat ke' films but also memorable and 'league se hatke' music. Films like LOOTERA, QUEEN etc are pointers to the fact that one can easily expect some good classy music from their upcoming venture, KATIYABAAZ, an interesting film on power theft in UP (Kanpur). Featuring highly talented and popular artists like the band Indian Ocean (Amit Kilam and Rahul Ram), music is expected to be hinterland based. So let's check out the wattage of the audio of KATIYABAAZ and see for ourselves how much current it can generate.

view more KATIYABAAZ movie stills
view more KATIYABAAZ movie stills

The first song that can be also be classified as the theme song, 'Kanpoora', is rendered to absolute perfection by Amit Kilam and Rahul Ram. Totally folk based (hinterland) the composition entertains thoroughly, the use of Hindustani musical instruments like harmonium, 'ektara', 'tabla' and 'sarangi', flute add to the charm. Lyrics are filled with dark humour and fit into the situation like hand in glove ('Aadhe bhuje chirag se jale poora Kanpoora !).

It's an absolute pleasure to hear the pioneers of fusion music, Indian Ocean's Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam render 'Jaag Musafir', a fusion of Hindustani folk (North) and rock (Indo-rock) which follows almost the same tune as the 'Kanpoora' song.

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Since the film is based on power theft with the lead protagonist using a 'katiya' (a hooked electric wire) to get power supply, we have an interesting composition, 'Raids Chalu-Kahe Ki Chinta' that is almost an static electricity instrumental with intermittent use of vocals of Amit Kilam and Rahul Ram.

At the centre of the plot is Loha Singh an electrician living in Kanpur who has specialized in power theft. He runs illegal power connections from one neighbourhood to another so that homes and businesses can run normally. Loha is a much sought after man. What else can a city do which has no electricity for over 16 hours a day?

At the other end is Ritu Maheshwari, the first female Chief of the Kanpur Electricity Supply Company (KESCO). She has the onerous task of eliminating powerlessness and also disconnecting all illegal connections which costs the exchequer crores of rupees. There is also the local politician, Irfan Solanki, who knows a thing or two about 'timing' and how to politicize a situation just before elections.

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If the cinematography and the busy mood is a sure-fire winner, so are Loha Singh and Ritu Maheshwari. Watch out for these characters, a lesson in acting.

KATIYABAAZ is not for those who like their item songs and 'ceeti-eliciting' dialogues. It is for those who love their cinema shaken and stirred!

 Rating : 
3.5/ 5 stars

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