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 Rajkumar Santoshi
 Ram Sampat
 Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai, Tushar Kapoor

By Raunaq Kotecha

Amitabh Bachhan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgun and Aishwarya Rai, four A's have come together for the first time in Raj Kumar Santoshi's forthcoming venture - Khakee. Khakee sounds familiar because the movie has already been in news due to Ash's untoward accident while shooting for the movie. But alls well that ends well and finally the movie is ready for a grand post Diwali release and the music is rapidly making its way towards the top position on the countdowns. Music of Khakee is compsed by a debutant music director - Ram Sampath, who has composed music for over 5000 odd commercials. Sameer has beautifully penned the songs like he always does. Khakee is produced by Keshu who is infamous for his loyalties towards Akshay. Khakee's music has varied shades, as Ram Sampath composes songs of different genres ranging from soft melodies to raunchy dance numbers.

The album opens with "Wada Raha", which is a smooth ballad sung by a rank new comer Arnab Chakravorthy and sensational Shreya Ghosal. The track slickly makes its way to the listener's heart with a catchy tune, splendid musical arrangements and a great echo of vocals. Arnab has done a commendable job with his first ever Bollywood number and his voice fits the bill for such uplifting tunes. Undoubtedly, "Wada Raha" is audio-visually one of the best numbers that you will find in Khakee, with Akki and Ash setting the screen ablaze. Well, if you find this 4 minute 24 second ballad short and snappy then do not get disappointed because Ram Sampath has also composed a sad version of the same song to compensate the length as well as compliment some tear jerking moments in the movie. However, the sad version of "Wada Raha", has our very own Devdas - Sonu Nigam expressing grief with his emotive voice. "Wada Raha" from "Khiladi" had done wonders to Akshay's career; let us hope that history repeats itself.

The next track "Yun hi tum mujhse" by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal is once again a soft romantic track with gracious lyrics and a subtle tune. Although, you may not adore the song initially, but the song is competent enough to grow on you gradually. The opening flute and piano pieces are simply superb, but there is something very common about this track that you may have heard umpteenth number of times. Perhaps, the tune and lyrics are quite ordinary, to bequeath any uniqueness to the song.

"Upparwale" is the next track and guess what... it is the title track of the movie. The song has Sonu Nigam, Sukhwinder Singh and Kunal giving each other company for evoking some real time inspirational moments towards one's duty. This one is a fairly good piece of composition by Ram, but appears to be quite situational and therefore should be able to lure the audiences inside the theatre rather than outside.

To sustain the flow and tempo of the previous track, I have chosen to discuss "Mera Maula" the next. This devotional hymn has Richa Sharma's husky voice along with Kailash Kher's excruciating voice generating the right kind of emotion within the song. The song intermittently sounds like a Bhajan, but a very somber tune gives it a poignant feel.

The next two tracks take the album to an absolute tangent with crisp lyrics and captivating tunes. Yes, I am referring to the already popular number - "Aisa Jadoo" that has Sunidhi Chauhan doing the vocal honors for Lara Dutta, who sizzles, seduces and smolders the screen with her powerful presence and rigorous dance steps. Aisa Jadoo is a compulsive item number for a Rajkumar Santoshi flick and Lara calibrates perfectly with the look and feel of the song. Aisa Jadoo is a raunchy dance number, shot on an extravagant lavish scale with some archetypal Bambaiyaa lyrics like "Aisa…hai koi dilwala re" by multitalented Sameer. Sunidhi exhibits her true colors and extraordinary talents by effortlessly shuffling from base notes to highest pitches in the same song. Sunidhi is undoubtedly one of the best and youngest versatile singers that we have today. This track will pull you to the dance floor in split seconds and also get over within split seconds, but again you need not worry because Ram has composed a Remixed version for the same number, which will run longer than the original. The Aisa Jadoo Remix is just an extension to the original soundtrack with some additional Jhankaar beats and electronic effects to Sunidhi's sultry vocals.

Up next is "Dil dooba" by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal. This is a fun number with some breezy, youthful lyrics by Sameer, extremely enticing tune and astounding Arabic pieces of music. Dil Dooba is a number to dance on as well as easy on ears with loads of freshness. Full marks to Sonu and Shreya for rendering just the right amount of crisp to this pleasant track. Incidentally, Dil Dooba also has a remixed version just to give you some more value for your money. The remixed version has some English terminologies and upbeat musical additions straight from a DJ's heart. "Dil Dooba" remix is all right, but it is safe to remain loyal to the original version.

Conclusively, Khakee's music has adequate shades to mark the advent of Ram Sampath, who appends himself to the stiff competition on the Bollywood music scene. Also, with an ace like Raj Kumar Santoshi and a galaxy of Bollywood luminaries, it is affirmed that Khakee's music will get the desired exposure and visual treatment. Khakee's music can easily find a place in your music collection.

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