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 Subhash Ghai
 Ismail Darbar
 Javed Akthar
 Vivek Oberoi, Antonia Bernath

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Almost every two years, he comes up with a motion picture and if it is he, then the outcome is anything but trifling. Showman Subhash Ghai has at all times made diverse movies with great stars and great contrives and has more often than not met with success. Now, his latest and the most ambitious venture "Kisna - The Warrior Poet" is slated for an early 2005 release. "Kisna - The Warrior Poet" set against the backdrop of 1947 revolution bears an earthy feeling in totality, its music included.

KisnaOne would expect an astounding star cast in such ventures, but all Kisna has, is one name Vivek Oberoi, along with a foreign actress Antonia Bernath. Whatever happened to Ghai's penchant for introducing nubile Indian actresses whose name must start with letter 'M' i.e. Manisha ,Meenaxi, Mahima (whose name is Ritu, but Ghai changed it to Mahima). Ghai also introduces Isha Sharvani, but not banking on these names, the Showman also ropes in Sushmita Sen to do a cameo along with an item number to spice it up. Considering Sush's record with cameos, she will make her presence feel here too. The rest of the star cast comprises of Amrish Puri, Om Puri, Hrishitha Bhatt etc. Coming to music, its been eagerly awaited, as there are 2 great music directors involved with this Mukta Arts Ltd. venture and both known for quality music and high success ratios - A.R.Rehman and Ismail Darbar. Lyrics too, are by the best in the business - Javed Akthar.

The album opens in a different way with just about a minute long "Kisna Theme instrumental". Rehman has as usual, done a superb job. It's melodious and haunting and sure enough this tune magnificently matures into a great song "Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan", which is now on air and already creating ripples. The song has a beautiful flute tune and very aptly so, as flute is very synonymous with 'Lord Krishna' or rather Kisna. Udit Narayan and Madhusree prove to be an ideal choice. This beautiful melody simply does not end here, as it continues the countrified vibes with "Kisna Theme Chorus" at the end of the album.

After Rehman, its Darbar's turn to create magic and he does so with "Woh Kisna Hai" which is beautifully written keeping in mind Radha-Krishna bhajans. With velvety vocals of Sukhwinder Singh, Ismail Darbar, Ayesha I.Darbar and S.Shailja, the song leaves an impact at the very first hearing.

KisnaComing to one of the most talked about number of this movie - "Chilman Uthegi Nahin", the song is supposed to be the trump card, as it swanks of Sushmita's Sen-sational performance. Song itself is composed in a way that it grows on you while listening to it. Therefore, one can imagine the charisma of Sush setting the screen ablaze by her sheer presence, while the track effortlessly works its way to your heart. The song opens up with Sushmita's Shairi while an array of great voices - Hariharan, Alka Yagnik, Ayesha Darbar, S. Shailja, Kailash Kher and Rakesh Pandit append slowly. A little somewhere similar to "Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya" from Mughal-e-azam. The lyrics bear heavy Urdu lingo, but it's extremely humable. Certainly, a lot will depend on the presentation of this song and the way Sushmita executes it on-screen. Well Sush isn't really known to disappoint, is she?

A simple melody - "Tu Itni Pagli Kyon Hai" rolls up next. Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik croon this one rather fluently while Ismail Darbar's epoch-making music does the rest. A semi-classic rendition with true lyrical qualities is spry compared to other mammoth tracks of this treasured compilation.

The album reverts to the hardwearing musical undertones with "Aham Brahmasmi". Sukhwinder Singh immerses himself in the emotive feel of the track and executes a rippling performance while Alka Yagnik gives total tuneful support making the track sound congenial. The high voltage beats and earth shattering music of the track maneuvers waves within one's mind, body and soul while the lyrics only help further.

KisnaThe mystical music continues to haunt your senses with "Kahe Ujadi Mori Neend". A leisurely track with a profound backdrop of intense music is a little less impressive commercially, compared with the other tracks. Made for a few select listeners, the track might own a solid situation to justify its existence in the movie or it well may be an OST.

Looks like there is a singing competition between village kids and perhaps the Warrior Poet - "Kisna". Totally Indian in every sense right from music arrangements to lyrics, the song gives you a good feeling and has a good appeal, however mid way, the song resembles to "Gujrati Raas Garba" folk tune, and yes its blended well with the song . Sung by a medley of singers Ismail Darbar, Ayesha Darbar, S. Shailja, M. Salamat and Kailash Kher, it will sure impress any one who likes folk music.

KisnaAlong with the foreign actress, Ghai also squeezes an English track "My Wish Comes True". Sung with a seamless enunciation by Sunitha Sarthy in a very classy international style, the track has great arrangements keeping the movie's Indian theme (kisna theme) as a backdrop and the flute skillfully blended with western theme. Simple but meaningful lyrics make a good listening.

Overall, the album is a great compilation and quite above the average scores, we keep hearing. Bearing in mind the theme of the movie, music will definitely be of the essence and play an imperative role in lugging the movie forward not only in the theatres, but also in senses of the audiences long after they have left. Placement of the music and its correlation with the movie's subject should aid the music of Kisna break-even and beyond.

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