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 Krishna Cottage
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Santram Verma
 Anu Malik
 Sanjay Chel, Nilesh Mishra, Shekhar.
 Sohail Khan, Isha Koppikar, Natasha.

By Raunaq Kotecha

With the promos already frequenting on various Television channels, it is quite apparent that "Krishna Cottage" adds to the list of horrified mysteries that have been haunting and luring the audiences since Bhoot happened in 2003. Produced under the banner of Balaji Telefilms Limited by Midas touch producers Shobha and Ekta Kapoor "Krishna Cottage" seems to have an interesting screenplay along with an unsullied look and appealing music score by Anu Malik in conjunction with a host of lyricists that will be unleashed as you read further.

The star cast includes Sohail Khan, Isha Koppikar and Natasha (once again). Movie marks the directorial debut of Santram Verma who has already been terrifying Television viewers for quite some time now with the very popular Balaji series - Kahin Kissi Roz!

The album opens up quite confidently with 'Bindaas' sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan in a true Bindaas ishtyle. Although, this track is an extension of "Dil Ding Dang Ding Dole" from the catastrophic "Kucch To Hai", it does have all the ingredients of an instant hit. The track is an out and out dance number with foot tapping beats and a great tune and should be one of the most recurrently played tracks at the pubs and bop parties this year. Sunidhi excels in her rendition and Shan sounds pleasantly different. Anu Malik's score is absolutely superior with blatant lyrics by Sanjay Chel that only complements the raunchy feel of this fast paced stimulus.

To give you a breather, comes the soothing 'Soona Soona', which is a soft, supple and heartrending track by Shreya Ghosal. Shreya Ghosal once again proves her mettle at squashy numbers, which happens to be her forte. Lyrics by Nilesh Mishra are quite apt and at their meaningful best. The tune may not come across as extremely appealing at the very first instance, but the song will definitely grow on you as you eavesdrop time and again. Anu Malik has earnestly strived to refrain from any similarities with 'Kya Pyar Karogi Mujhse' from Kuch to hai and has succeeded to quite an extent. However, I just could not help but remember 'Pyar bhara geet koi' from LOC (by Shreya Ghosal), when I initially heard the opening lines of 'Soona Soona'. No matter what, the song is excellent and will definitely serve as the backbone of the screenplay in the movie.

The album strikes back to velocity with "Aaju Mein Tum Khade The". This one has a soaring mass appeal with archetypal Bambaiyya lyrics and a conventional tune. Anu Malik precisely opts for proficient singers like Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik to deliver a truly Bollywood masala track. While listening to this one, you cannot help but imagine Chi Chi and Lolo doing a mass act to entice the front benchers.

Abiding by the pace of the album, "Uff-yun-maa" pulls you back to the dance floor with an electrifying rendition by Shaan and Sunidhi along with equally energizing beats. Lyrics are once again by Sanjay Chel that gel well (too rhyming…isn't it?) with the amusing mood of the track. Thankfully, for Mr.Malik, this one sounds absolutely original with a frisky youthful tune and does not remind of any of his previous creations.

Anu Malik makes way for the upcoming Music directors Vishal-Shekar of the Jhankaar Beats fame, who together compose the subsequent and the final original track of the album - "Hamesha". This one is a compulsive Vishal-Shekhar baby with a gracious quixotic tune rendered by non other then Vishal himself, who sounds so much like Shaan. Although, lyrics penned by Shekhar are quite usual, but at the same time extremely passionate and romantic as well.

The album continues to rock with the concluding tracks - 'Laila Laila' from Samay and 'Rang Rang' from Hollywood Bollywood.

To the extent that music is concerned, "Krishna Cottage" has quite an assortment to offer. Although, majority songs are stimulating and swift, they do have undertones of romance and a feel good factor that keeps you hooked to the album. The album keeps inclining toward the music of Kuch to Hai, which was exceptionally superb, but that should not be a barrier to healthier sales, as the music has competencies to progressively grow on the listeners.

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