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 Rakesh Roshan
 Rajesh Roshan
 Nasir Faraz
 Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Rekha, Naseeruddin Shah

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View Krrish Movie StillsRajesh Roshan is one of the most underrated music directors of Bollywood. In spite of never being in the big league, he has continually churned out riot-causing-chartbusters. Julie, Yaraana, Kishan Kanhaiya, Jurm, Karan Arjun, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and Koi Mil Gaya...Big names...Especially when their music is concerned. So, obviously the expectations were high with Krrish as well. But somehow, Rajesh fails to recreate the magic of yore. Still, it's better than the similar-sounding-ditties from Himesh Factory. Especially the remixes which have a distinct flavour that none of these DJs can remotely come close to in spite of all their gizmos. 

The best song of the album is Chori Chori Chupke Chupke. It's a simple-n-unpretentious melody based on Raag Pahadi. The jingling of jal-tarang-like Chinese instrument caresses your heart with a flutter of a pigeon on a joyous flight. Gentle tapping on dhapli and the trembling of a tabla makes this song a laidback ride through the countryside. Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal sing this delightful song with a lot of heart-n-feelings. The interludes of flute and rabab have been composed with a lot of care while the strings outline the entire song adding more depth. Nasir Faraaz on his part has done a decent job as a lyricist.

Dil Na Diya is a peppy track with fire-works rhythm beats, catchy melodious fillers that repeat interminably and  breaking-the-soft-number-jinx is singer Kunal Ganjawala by delivering a fast paced track with loads of attitude and guile. It's a song for the Gen-X who like the DJ sound, the vocoder effect and a tireless breathless energy. Roshan doesn't disappoint. Creditable part is that after giving everything that the youngsters want, he adds his own unmistakable charm to the song as well. You can dance to it full steam with the magic of Hrithik or get enthralled by its melodic entrapment.

Download Krrish WallpapersPyaar Ki Ek Kahaani has an attention-grabbing beginning with a melodious alaap and easy-on-ears folk beat. Even the hook line is catchy but as it gets to the stage of the antara, it falls flat. In other words it has an uneven ordinary premise that fails to make sense. Neither to the ears. Nor to the heart. The song has a heard-before feeling and Roshan seems to have been inspired by his own songs from the past, specially the sound track of Koyla. Shreya Ghoshal sounds better than Sonu Nigam for her grasp of the emotions is definitely better than the more experienced Indian-Idol judge.

Download Krrish WallpapersBig Band Mix is the remix of Koi Tumsa Nahin and hats off to Rajesh Roshan for making a retro dance track out of the original. As soon as the song starts, there's that whiff of sixties numbers epitomized by Shammi Kapoor or the magic of Elvis (Hope I am not getting too far). There are elements of Jazz like the freewheeling piano and the torpedoing saxophone fillers. A carnival song, it teaches what attitude one needs to have during a party or a fun-trance picnic. Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal do a fine job while the chorus singers repeatedly coax to Stand Up and Dance. So, why don't you pump up the volume guys!

The original Koi Tumsa Nahin might have its takers as well. Dhoop nikalti hai jahan se chaandni rehti hai jahan pe, kahabar ye aai hai vahan se, Koi Tumsa Nahin. Nasir Faraz excels while penning fine lines. The slow and soothing beginning with guitar plucking and tabla rhythm progression is followed by soulful rendition by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. Music Arrangements are exceptional with a fascinating electric guitar piece and keyboard fillers making this melodious number a treat in more ways than one.

View Krrish Movie StillsAfter listening the Mystic Love Mix (Remix of Main Hoon Wo Asmaan), it is very hard to tell that the man who has remixed this vigorous number is actually on the wrong side of fifties rather than being a bubbly twenty-something garrulous DJ. Rajesh Roshan is trying to defy his age when he composes a song that is going to be a rage amongst the Club-Hopping youngsters. Firstly he chooses a brilliant singer like Rafaqat Ali Khan who starts off with a Classical Alaap on hyper-tempo beats and is gradually joined by mellifluous Alka Yagnik. The tempo is electrifying but the melody remains intact. That's the beauty of this song and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing Hrithik gyrating to this stormy number.

The original Main Hoon Woh Aasman is an unhurried number that takes its time in growing on you. Beautifully sung by Rafaqat Ali Khan-Alka Yagnik combo and the painstaking music arrangements are like a Hussain ebbing out of a musical wall. Lots of ambience sounds, strings, tender rhythm loop and poetic lyrics by Nasir Faraz makes this song worth listening many times over. In fact Nasir Faraz is a revelation with his simple imagery and evocative word-play.

Download Krrish WallpapersKrrish as I had said earlier is an album far better than many others. Yet, I would like to say this to Rajesh Roshan that the music lovers have high hopes from him and hopefully he shall work even harder the next time around and refrain from repeating his own tunes.

Krrish: Dance to the Melody

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