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 Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Amar Butala
 Iqbal, Yasin Darbar
 Sahil Sultanpuri
 Rekha, Vasundhara Das, Kim Sharma, Mahima Chaudhary, Ashmit Patel

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Hollywood’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and SEX AND CITY form the new inspirational thump for entertaining celluloid with bevy of beauties gearing up for comical delight KUDIYON KA HAI ZAMAANA (KKHZ). Rekha, the original UMRAO JAAN commands this playful feminine show with grandeur and makes herself harmoniously audible in melodic dosage of evergreen “Din Dhaal Jaaye”. Mahima Chaudhary, the lost in woods PARDES girl sizzles out sensuality, heart-throbbing Kim Sharma emanates cheerful femininity while singing sensation Vasundhra Das rejuvenates her lost on-screen sheen and gloss. First time composers Iqbal and Yasir Darbar coagulate melody, “masti” and fun in frolicking packaging but lack the fiery radiance of being prodigal discovery. The duo credibility is largely shouldered on versions and remixes and it comes with mixed results in “Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana” (2 versions), “Kamrein Mein Aaja” (3 versions) and “Jaanam” (3 versions).

Barjatya’s “gharelu” dance and music felt cordially in everlasting “Didi Tera Dewar Diwana” comes out as a brainchild for the thematically conceived “masti” track “Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana”.  Loud and garish Jaspinder Narula is no match for melodiously refined Lata Mangeshkar (“Didi Tera Dewar”) but may find herself to be voice over for girl next door. Vociferously energetic Sunidhi Chauhan’s ear splitting vocals adds to pompous festive touch but shrills to irritate. Sahil Sultanpuri’s slapdash and hurried lyrics add to the humdrum demise of the track and ends up making it chaotic and messy. Music duo harmonic setting and vocal tonality never sets adrenaline pumping and falls too short to be zealous festive bonanza.

The recurring vocal splurge and pulse racing beat juggling sets the pace high for this hip-shaking “Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana (remix)”. DJ Suketu techno-wizardry proves to be saving grace and gives optimum reasons to shake booty on floors.

Nostalgia! Sensuousness gets veiled itself in the contours of vintage era, the breathy vocals articulates for lost paradise and dazzles out in evergreen “Din Dhaal Jaaye”. Rekha, the immortal style diva breathes out this fabulously in her subtle voice at seductively shimmering pace. Credits to Dev Anand’s GUIDE, it gives the enchanting actress to strive for vocal excellence and she delivers it with panache. Listen to it again and again for undying melancholy delivered in the packs of romanticism.

Lethargically mediocre! Udit Narayan’s strong shoulders prove too frail to carry the burden of the “beaten to death” musical stuff in “Abhi Abhi”. New find Ayesha Durbar babbles out sloppy lyrics that prove even more haggard than the avoidable music.

The cool breeze of mint fresh romance is scented out and sparkles brightly like shining star in the promisingly upbeat “Jaanam”. Youthfully spirited Shaan’s trendy voice makes it special for lovable hearts and showers the needful emotions with eclectically delightful lyrics. Sadhna Sargam’s least heard voice is perfect balance for Shaan’s modulating vocals in astonishingly brilliant musical arrangements.

Spearheaded with depressed and sad emotions, Shaan’s sentimentally excruciating vocals gives the album a soulful gripping touch in brilliantly rendered “Jaanam (male)”.

This time Sadhna Sargam’s experienced voice holds the mike with heart piercing violin notes in equally morose and pensive “Jaanam (female)”. It’s two in succession and it speaks for singer’s mettle than musical mellowness in meaningfully conceived slow and subtle versions.

Booty-luscious gals have a blast, zealous fest of raunchy “item songs” makes thunderous bang with energetically delivered “Kamrein Mein Aaja”. Vasundhra Das’s vociferous voice moves sensuously with rip-roaring trendy beats and vigorously pulsated hip-hop paced music. Suzanne’s silken vocals are added treat that amalgam well with Rahul Seth zany hip-hop rendition. It has been DJ Saanj’s original version that gets fabricated in trendy make over with lyrics by A.M Turaz. After hearing Vasundhra’s vocal compassion one wonders why she was not roped for easily forgettable title track. Hear it to believe it!

Shaan makes most of song’s chirpiness and delivers it with desired zing in the much awaited second version of “Kamrein Mein Aaja”. The girlish branded song shifts into different gears with rollicking feel extenuated in the remix version.

DJ turned actor Nikhil Chinaapa and DJ Nawed hold the DJ fort and punch groovy club mix beats in highly energetic and outrageous “Kamrein Mein Aaja (Electro Probe Mix)”. Feel the bouncy bang with bundles of beat juggling as the foot thumping mood takes over the floors. Simply rocking!

Iqbal and Yasir Darbar load album with couple of rip-roaring and zippy entertaining numbers with Rekha’s “Din Dhaal Jaaye” being surprise package. It’s no trendsetting musical stuff but have its share of joy and ecstasy in numbers like “Kamre Mein Aaja” and “Jaanam”.

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