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Starring :
 Ahmed Khan
 A. R. Rehman
 John Abraham, Sunny Deol, Suniel Shetty, Sohail Khan, Nauheed Cyrusi.

By Raunaq Kotecha

Sunny Deol and Suniel Shetty come together once again under the direction of choreographer Ahmed Khan who happens to mark his directorial debut with Lakeer Forbidden Lines. Lakeer also stars John Abraham and Nauheed Cyrusi, but the curio lies in the fact that Lakeer's music has been scored by A.R. Rehman. Mehboob has penned lyrics for all the 6 tracks of this album. Actually, there are 8 tracks, but two more reasonable tracks have been repeated for reasons best known to the makers.

The Album opens up with "Nachley" which is essentially a dance number by Daler Mehndi and Kunal Ganjawala. Daler's voice is a perfect choice for this track, but is overly deafening and also the tune is not all that beguiling nor is it that perky to pull you to the boogie base. The chorus and musical backdrop do have a distinctive Rehman feel, but lack the Rehman magic. Mehboob's Lyrcis are pertinent for such a situational celebratory number. What is noteworthy in this track is the exquisite voice of Kunal Ganjawala who sounds remarkably youthful and fresh.

Rehman has eye of an eagle when it comes to recognizing and acknowledging talent and consequently Kunal bags yet another track - "Shehzaade". The tune and the lyrics are rather decent, but the track needs to be promoted proactively to achieve esteem. Also, the orchestration is of superior quality and Rehman's presence is felt quite prominently.

Rehman makes a sincere attempt to recreate magic of Bombay and Taal's caliber, but succeeds only to an extent as "Paighaam" does not touch the hearts that deeply. With a passable tune and reasonably virtuous lyrics, Paighaam does have an enormously divine voices of Kavita Krishnamurthy Subramaniam and Shaan, which can make up for a reason to rewind along with a soft suave feel that happens to be Rehman's forte.

To infuse more magic and to lure the listeners Rehman now brings into play his Trump card - Asha Bhosle for "Offho Jalta Hai" along with Sonu Nigam who is no less. Ashaji definitely delivers a superior performance along with Sonu Nigam who sounds so very excited and charged up to accompany Ashaji for a track that is unconventionally different and bears the Rehman logo. The tune and lyrics are emphatically average, but the magnificent Jugal Bandi between the lead singers and Rehman's upbeat orchestration makes up for the loss.

"Rozana" is an especially contemporary track by the Channel [V] girl pop band Viva, but after listening to their first attempt at playback singing, one would wish that the band is rather better off with refined and spry music videos. Rozana has much distorted melody coupled with awfully meaningless lyrics and unwanted beats in the name of modern-day orchestration.

"Sadiyaan" marks the end of the solitary tracks in the album, as the album continues with repeated versions of "Nachley" and "Paighaam" probably to complete the vacant footages of the CD's and Audio Cassette. Coming back to "Sadiyaan", it has 3 exceptionally endowed singers in Hariharan, Udit Narayan and Mahalaxmi. Mehboob has penned beautiful lyrics and all the lead singers are at their respective bests. The tune is appealing as well as diverse and Rehman's orchestrations are a cut above, but somewhat analogous to the tunes of Lagaan.

Overall, Lakeer has an average music score, but that is definitely not what we expect from a maestro like A.R. Rehman, whose last release Tehzeeb is also better forgotten than remembered. Rehman's choice of singers is immensely appreciable, but most of the tunes do not live up to the already elevated expectations of listeners. Moreover, the songs are also not aesthetically shot nor choreographed (maybe Mr.Khan was busy devoting all his time and attention to direction). And if that was not enough, the album is also being promoted very poorly. With all this and more, looks like Lakeer the forbidden lines might just be forbidden from lucrative music sales and compilations of Rehman fans.

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