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 Love In Nepal
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :
Starring :
 Rajat Mukherjee
 Nikhil-Vinay, Vishal-Shekhar, Anu Malik
 Sonu Nigam, Fllora Saini.

By Goher Iqbal Punn

Love in Nepal is making waves these days to come out to entertain its audiences. Produced by T P Agarwal, the flick has been directed by none other than Rajat Mukherjee. The unique feature of the film is ofcourse Sonu's new hip 'n' trendy look. Sonu's hopes are too high for this movie, since he is pretty much sure that his different character would definitely play something beneficial for his career as an actor. Along with him in the starcast is new-find gorgeous and sexy Fllora Saini. Interesting to say, she has already won a place in the hearts of the moviegoers with her beauty and sexy figure. All she has to prove now is obviously her acting skills. Let's hope for the best. Nikhil-Vinay, Vishal-Shekhar and Anu Malik have scored the music for the soundtrack. Amongst them, Nikhil-Vinay and Anu Malik are very much known for helping Sonu Nigam's career walk smoothly as a singer. The duo of Nikhil-Vinay has earlier composed a number of Sonu's albums, which played an integral role in maintaining his repute amongst the members of the industry. Whilst Anu Malik gave him some superb memorable evergreen tracks to sing. Sameer writes lyrics for the album. Whereas T-Series, which actually made Sonu a vocalist and brought him in limelight, releases the soundtrack laced with eight songs. The album happens to be a pleasant journey and some of the tracks could bag awards in the days to come.

Bolo Kya Khayal Hai, a melodious romantic song opens the soundtrack energetically. Though Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan together come up to render the song but Sonu pockets the whole content enthusiastically for himself. Sunidhi delivers only one line " Mujh Ko Tumse Pyar Hai", which emerges with pauses in the song. But her one line delivery is much pleasant to listen. Sonu Nigam is excellent as usual. His velvety vocals win the hearts at once. Amongst the instruments, drumming excels most. Sameer has provided pure romantic lyrics. And the lyricist's understanding of romanticism is clearly visible through his creative lyrics. Whereas, the duo Vishal-Shekhar, have composed a brilliant piece of music on the lyrics. The well-orchestrated song simply makes the fingers press repeat button time and again. The number is on air these days featuring Sonu Nigam and Fllora in the lead. Whilst the visuals register a good impact on the viewers as well. Overall it happens to be the best song of the entire album.

The instrumental version of this song (Bolo Kya Khayal Hai) lands up next. Vishal-Shekhar's composition grows easily on ears and provides soothing comforts to the listeners.

"Ek Ajnabi Ladki" bags Sonu Nigam as a solo vocalist of the track. The catchy and slow romantic song revolves around the sweet feelings of a lover who has fallen in love with some strange gorgeous girl. Sonu's commendable and silken rendition directly enters into the heart. Chorus is good to hear. Getting drowned in romantic ideas, Sameer pens creative lyrics, which raise the spirits accurately. The composers' duo Nikhil-Vinay scores pure romantic composition for the song. The song has been showing its manifestation on all usual satellite channels these days featuring Sonu and Fllora. Overall the number deserves to be heard repeatedly in isolation.

Sunidhi Chauhan pockets a hot fast beats song, Katra Katra, for herself. The singer's impressive high-pitched vocals take us to the world of ecstasy. Her electrifying voice has hearing effects altogether. Chorus sounds good. Whereas the arrangement of all musical instruments deserves positive marks too. Sameer happens to be the lyricist and writes active lyrics for the song. He seems in his good form. Whilst the duo of Nikhil-Vinay, knowing their onions, arranges highly appreciable tunes. The well-composed song reminds us yesteryears' compositions of great legendry (late) R D Burman. Overall the song makes sweet hearing and proves to be a delicious gift for the lovers of active music.

The title song, Love in Nepal, comes up next having the singers' duo Sonu Nigam and Sapna Mukherjee doing the honours. A soothing piece of music welcomes the listeners in the beginning portion of the song. The chorus' delivery of "Love in Nepal" is well managed and happens in an attractive style. Sonu and Sapna as the vocalists do justice to their respective jobs by rendering their vocals perfectly. Whereas, Sameer does not provide an ample support to his team and displays an ordinary piece of work in return. Following the footsteps of the lyricist, the composers "Nikhil-Vinay" score below average music for the song. Consequently the track becomes inaudible.

A peppy solo, Mushkil Hai by Sonu Nigam, spreads its magic on the album next with much oomph. The song begins well with the fast beats music, which helps the blood boil in the body. The delivery of "Mushkil Hai Mushkil Hai" by the chorus attracts a lot. Whilst Sonu's sharp vocals register a marvelous impact on the listeners as well. Amongst the instruments, drumming and piano sound better. Sameer writes lyrics for this song but fails to present the remarkability of his work by penning such an average piece of lyrics. But the tunes' master Anu Malik comes up to support the track with his magical skills. The composer and the singer emerge to save the number. Anu's active composition helps the song stay with the listeners for a longer period of time.

An instrumental version of "Mushkil Hai" takes place next energetically on the surface of the soundtrack. The fast music scored by Anu Malik provides soothing pleasures to the ears in accurate manners.

Sonu Nigam teams up with Hema Sardesai to render a fun track, Sutta Maar Le. The singers' high-pitched vocals create a smooth journey for the listeners. And they enjoy this experience to the fullest. Sameer seems tired here with his job of lyricist and as a result pens below average lyrics for the song. But the well-timed support by the musicians saves the track. The renowned duo of Nikhil-Vinay cooks up delicious tunes, which make the song tasty and thus the listeners enjoy the content while forgetting the badly penned lyrics by the veteran lyricist.

On the whole, the immaculate soundtrack - Love in Nepal happens to be a precious gift for the people who have an ear for music.

An immaculate album to enjoy in all moods.

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