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Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Tanveer Khan
 Roop Kumar Rathod
 Shakeel Azmi
 John Abraham, Bipasha Basu, Priyanshu Chatterjee

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It called for only one "Jism" to procreate an array of John Abraham, Bipasha Basu starred flicks and the latest one to disembark is Shweta International's "Madhoshi". Produced by Anil Sharma, "Madhoshi" will also serve as a launch pad for the debutant director Tanveer Khan. Besides John and Bipasha, the movie also stars Priyanshu Chatterjee. Singer Roop Kumar Rathod has solely composed the music and Shakeel Azmi has penned the lyrics.

Udit Narayan and Sadhna Sargam cordially inaugurate the album with a rather pleasant duet, which is among the better tracks on the album. A pretty simple and conventional melody with sincere lyrics reminds you of the time-honored LP creations back in the 80's. Both the singers glibly manage to strike the right cord for this uncomplicated and soothing track. Sonu Nigam returns with the sad version of this track, which goes something, like - "Chale Bhi Aao" and as usual leaves a tender wave of emotion.

Even the title track - Madhoshi rolls up twice on the album and Roop Kumar Rathod who is a singer first and then a composer tries to top it off himself by singing both the versions i.e. The Club version, which is nothing but the remix of the original track. Cannot blame them, all facets of the word "Remix" have elapsed the final stage of exploitation and so "The Club Version" may perhaps sound out of the ordinary (although, everyone knows what that means, but whatever!). Both the versions of the track deserve equal attention (which need not be very great). There is barely any novelty as far as the tune or the singing or the lyrics go. They are all extremely common and sink without a trace.

Roop Kumar Rathod moans in the tearjerker track "Aye Khuda". A sensitive track with an unhurried tempo, Aye Khuda could have been a definite winner, had the tune been more melodic and appealing. However, one cannot ignore Rathod's attempt at hexing the emotional enchantment and the premium lyrics.

It is in fact, Alka Yagnik, who emerges as the undisputed winner with "Pyar ka Khumar", which is a breezy/amusing solo track with lots of brightness and absolutely engrossing and foot tapping beats in the background. From a harmonious melody to prudent lyrics to intact newness to quality singing, this one has it all…!

Nowadays, it seems that no album is entire without an item number. Following the trend, Madhoshi also has one. No points for guessing, Sunidhi Chauhan sings "Yeh ishq hai gunah" with yet another item number specialist Sukhwinder Singh. The track has a melody to look forward to and both the singers ensure you relish the track. While the lyrics could not have been more ordinary, the melody and the orchestration of the track ease some boogie.

Madhoshi's music is well below average with just a song or two to muse and this is something that would not be of immense help to the movie, considering that it has quite a regular setup with repetition of star union and a couple of semi passionate scenes, which have exhausted the potency to pull the audiences to the theatres.

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