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 Main Hoon Na
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Farah khan
 Anu Malik
 Javed Akhter
 Shahrukh Khan, Sushmita Sen, Zayed Khan, Amrita Rao.

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Main Hoon Na (MHN)...A perfect title for an SRK movie who believes in himself the most. In an industry where friends don't stand for each other Shahrukh and Farah Khan have had a long standing and time tested friendship and now they have also joined hands for Farah's directorial debut MHN, taking their camaraderie a step forward. Shahrukh kept his word and starred in Farah's movie, as Farah kept her promise to cast none other than Ex Ms Universe Sushmita Sen as the leading lady for the first time opposite SRK. Farah had promised Sushmita that whenever she would make a movie, Sush will be in it. Strange as it may sound, but why no one ever thought of casting Sush opposite SRK before, as they make quite an eye-catching pair. Produced under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment and Venus, this Farah Khan directed flick has been eagerly awaited by industry and the audience. Music of the film was all the more awaited, because everybody was curious to know how much justice Farah would do to her own music and filming, because to this point majority of the great songs in past decade have been under her smart direction.

Well, now that MHN's music is out, it’s for everyone to take notice and Farah has made no compromise by roping in only the best in the industry like Javed Akther for lyrics and Anu Malik for music and to top it all, star cast is also quite a coup, which also includes Zayed Khan and Amrita Rao along with SRK and Sush of course. With such a varied star cast and some of the most successful names in the industry, this movie certainly raises a lot of expectations.

"Kiska hai yeh tumko intezar…Main Hoon Na", the title track is austerely outstanding and brilliantly sung by Sonu Nigam. As a matter of fact, it grows on you as you listen to it and it does bear that momentous feel, which formulates it into the most important song of the movie. This track is magnificently written by Javed Akhtar in a way that it very carefully unleashes the gist of the movie. As for the singers, nowadays, Sonu Nigam is an obvious pick for such feel good songs, and rightly so given that he accomplishes his job with tremendous conviction. However, Shreya Ghosal’s velvety vocals render some diversity and a refreshing change to this track, which eventually yields an even more impressive product. The song is already a winner from the time it’s on air. Not surprisingly, Farah has shot the track fairly well and is getting rave reviews for it.

As per the general rule of an SRK starrer, this title song too has its sad version with some truly meaningful words by Javed Saab to compliment the feel and stir the audiences. Abhijeet’s soulful rendition serves the purpose by furnishing the requisite poignant touch. Abhijeet’s voice suits SRK to the T and most of his songs for SRK have witnessed roaring success. There is also a theme tune or the remix (to make it simpler) of the title track, which is more like an instrumental and more western in nature with an upbeat musical score. Composed by Ranjit Barot, this one also generates some emotional vibes while keeping up to the elevated expectations of the listeners.

Abhijeet captivates charms and entices once again with "Tumhe jo maine dekha", which is a simple romantic track where simplicity is at its best. As a delightful romantic track, this one has an instantly likable tune with simple lyrics to facilitate better and quick connect with listeners. The track sounds a little inspired by Jatin Lalit compositions, but Anu Malik has tried to maintain the originality by precisely opting for Shreya Ghosal’s fresh and youthful voice and pacing up the tune in stanzas.

Did I say something like fresh, youthful etc..? Then hold your breath, the best is yet to come. In fact, on this album, the best just keeps coming all the time. Vasundhara Das, the hot new sensation on the music scene, will completely bowl you over with "Chale Jaise Hawayein". Not to mention a completely enlightened, bright and humable tune by Anu Malik is also just as good. Lyrics are also fine, but with such a great tune and such a pleasantly diverse voice, do we really care for words. And if all that was not enough, Kay Kay’s youthful and amusing rendition makes this one a compulsive grab for college goers and Indian youth that is always hungry for such gratifyingly distinctive tracks.

Kay Kay extends his vocal support to MHN along with Alka Yagnik in "Ye Fizayei". I do not blame Anu Malik for letting the beats of this track sound somewhat like "Ladki badi Anjani hai" from KKHH and the tune alike some of the 80’s romantic and amorous tracks, because by any means, MHN requires such tracks to carry forward the prosperous legacy of SRK movies. However, one cannot deny the sparkle, the feel-good factor and the romance that is so prominent in the track. The tune is quite simple and engaging and lyrics are meaningful enough to deserve attentive listening. Kay Kay sounds western as usual and nothing much great about it, but Alka sounds extremely melodious and enchanting such that her voice fills passion and pleasure in the air.

Tired of feel good numbers? I am sure not, but we need a break, don’t we? To serve this purpose, MHN efficiently and convincingly picks up some velocity and pulls you to the dance floor. "GorI Gori" is a ballet number rendered by a variety of talented singers including non other than Anu Malik himself (wonder…how could he till resist till now?). Kay Kay, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghosal also lend their assorted voices and consequently the track sounds so nostalgic as well as so amusing. An absolutely enticing tune, funky lyrics and electrifying yet subtle beats are the U.S.P.S of this track. The track infuses positive energies within you while you make some subtle moves on the dance floor. Most likely would be the twists and the famous Shammi Kapoor head/ hand wobbles, as the song will take you down the memory lane right from Black and white era to the groovy 80’s. Primarily targeted to the youth, the track will cater to all age groups because of its sober and uncomplicated contents.

Toward the end, the album finally wins you over with the MHN Trump card – "Tumse Milke".
A Qawali infused with contemporary beats, the track is an excellent consequence of a sincere team effort by Sonu Nigam and Sabri brothers namely – Aftab Sabri and Hashim Sabri. The track kicks off with stimulating beats, which remain the heart of the track throughout all 6 (5 minutes and 59 seconds to be most precise) minutes. This one is an excellent example of impressive lyrics knit well into a remarkably charismatic tune along with a Qawali fusion. Coming back to singers, Sonu Nigam once again displays unmatched talent and youthful quality of his velvety voice and Sabri brothers do full justice to the track. What is even more exciting and interesting is to see (for the very first time) the SRK-Sush combo sizzle through the screen thus, setting it ablaze. They both look absolutely stunning and their onscreen chemistry can be felt through out the song. To top it all, Farah Khan’s gracious moves within a milieu of lavish royal set, together make up for a visual treat.

As mentioned before, musically MHN undoubtedly carries forward the opulent legacy of SRK movies and more. Full marks to Farah Khan, Anu Malik and Javed Saab for their splendid as well as special treatment to the music of the film. With the promotions of the film in sated action, music is also rapidly advancing toward the Number One position only to become the next Numero Uno. MHN’s music positively keeps up to the lofty expectations of the public, so hopefully and musically MHN will be one of the biggest hits of the year 2004!

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