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 Mujhse Shaadi Karogi
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 David Dhawan
 Sajid Wajid
 Jalees Sherwani
 Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra.

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Long before the promos started frequenting on the idiot box, this Sajid Nadiadwala produced, directed and Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra starred flick was already popular in and outside the Bollywood. Sure enough, with names like these, it had to be and along with being popular it is also a target for lofty expectations, as these entities have been identified more for their hits than misses. Although, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (MSK) brings together Salman and Akshay for the first time, with David Dhawan around one can anticipate a rib tickling laugh riot, much like Deewana Mastana and one can also expect some typical Bollywood masala musical scores. Dhawan who has always been known for his frisky and spry musical sense, has once again extracted no exception from the director duo Sajid Wajid along with his favorite Anu Malik making a guest appearance. Jalees Sherwani and Arun Bhairav have penned some trademark lyrics that are compulsively meant only for David Dhawan and his movies.

"Rab Kare" inaugurates the album and disappoints right from the inception. Commonness creeps in even before you can notice any freshness in this track and the same commonness persists right till the end. Alka and Udit's experienced singing, Sajid Wajid's mediocre musical backdrop and an average tune certainly cannot save this one go unnoticed.

"Mujhse Shaadi Karogi" the title track rolls up next and is actually a savior on its own. Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan synchronize perfectly with each other to escalate this number to an advanced level. Sunidhi does join them toward the end, but fails to impress. The tune is indeed appealing and danceable and beats are quite electrifying. Apart from this, the filming by Farah Khan would definitely add to the spice, especially with 2 hunks and a beauty queen dancing to her tunes, this one would be worth a watch.

"Ajaa soniye" has zero novelty to present. Lifted straight from the various bhangara mixes (by which the audience is already fed-up of by now) this one fails to append any value to the middling album. Neither the lyrics nor the tune have anything worth recalling about the song. Besides, Sonu Nigam who has been let loose on the track tries a variety of pitches and adds to the distortion. Yagnik religiously completes her portion and leaves without leaving an impression. There is also a remix version of this track, which has nothing more to offer than a few extra beats.

"Lahoo banke aansoo" is a sad version of "Rab Kare" and is just as good as Rab Kare in all respects. One can notice Sonu crying his way to glory and Alka following suite, but because of a regular tune, their hard work do not seem to get the full worth.

Fearing the worst, David smartly roped in Anu Malik to do a guest composition, but the contagious commonness of MSK's music did not spare Malik who ended up composing an equally ordinary track. Sonu Nigam gyrates his way to the gusto, giving his best, but a tune so usual is just not worth all his efforts. Lyrics are by Sameer, who lives up to his name by furnishing the vital punch to the track, but does not get too far in bestowing the required fondness to the track.

Sukhwinder and Sunidhi collaborate for yet another item number - "Kar doon kamal soniye". True to form, the mundane melody of this track puts you off even before it reaches the first stanza. Fine musical arrangements however get lost in the midst of an average tune and run of the mill feel of this ostensible Dance Number.

Thankfully, "Laal Dupatta" comes like a gush of fresh air and is certainly a breather from not so lovable tunes borne till now. Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik proficiently lend their velvety voices to this romantic duet, which epitomizes the freshness and immaculate serenity of youthful love with an extremely enchanting and melodious tune. Arun Bhairav's lyrics compliment the tenuous feel of the track adding to the pleasurable listening experience.

By the end of MSK's musical endurance, one can only wonder, as to why Sajid Nadiadwala and David Dhawan could settle down with such an average musical score and that too for a movie that needs a superior score more
than anything else. Now that the music out and for the people to appraise, only time will tell if lady luck favors the fate of this not so musical wedding of the century!

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