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 Sanjay Gupta
 Anand Raaj Anand
 Dev Kohli
 Anil Kapoor, Aditya Panscholi, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sanjya Dutt ,Sameera Reddy

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Sameera ReddyThese days when every Tom Dick and Harry wants to be a star, filmmakers are leaving no stone unturned in cashing on this opportunity or should I say Desperation. The So-called Hunts were always on for the Best Actors, Singers etc…and stockpiles of desperate wannabes always flocked to the venue hoping for once their fates would favor them.

Sanjay Gupta has gone a step ahead by launching a massive hunt for an "Item Bomb" for his latest venture "Musafir" in association with a crazy entertainment channel going bonkers over hunting all sorts of talents from all across the country to raise its dipping TRPs. Nonetheless, millions of frantic wannabes with minimum talent and clothing flaunted active participation and skin in this obtuse competition harvesting undue hype, which obviously did not work.

Post Kaante, Sanjay Gupta just does not seem to get enough out of rugged macho men wandering aimlessly on the streets with growing beards and ages. In a fraught bid of recreating the Kaante magic, "Musafir" is yet another uptight attempt from almost the same team with some futile additions and subtractions. Anil Kapoor and Aditya Panscholi join the gang while Mahesh Manjrekar and Sanjya Dutt remain constant in every sense of term and shall be so until the eternity. Sameera Reddy seems to be in for a lifetime bond with Mr.Gupta anyway.

Anand Raaj Anand composes a minor piece of the music while Vishal-Shekhar take the preponderance this time around. Dev Kohli puts pen to paper and a regular course of compulsive filmi libretto like Ishq…Dewana…Dil…Rabba…Maahi etc is served once again.

One might have to stretch his/her hearing competences to the fullest as soon as "Door se paas" gets underway although KK's contemporary vocals get clearer as the track advances. Alike the other tracks, this one too is high on techno beats and brews International fascinate in all aspects. This however does not help at all, as there is absolutely nothing that will grow on you or inveigle you and the basic reason for this is zero melody.

Thankfully, "Ek Dil Ne" comes as a gulp of fresh air, as Shreya Ghosal and Kunal Ganjawala's enormously youthful and suave vocals enrich the melody of this mellow number.

Now disembarks the number awaited by most. "Ishq Kabhi Kariyo Na" is a compulsive Item Number and nothing beyond that. A very familiar tune and specialized item or better still "itemized" singing by Sunidhi Chauhan formulates into just another track heard in every second movie. Regardless of all this, the track is one listenable number among other disasters, at least as long as it lasts. With excessive publicity of Sameera's dusky skin show and Sundhi's husky singing, the track will help sell some Music and will be elapsed even before one remembers that there was once something called "Musafir".

Reverting to placidness for better, album puts up "Phir na Kehna". Stalwart Sanu and tuneful Sundhi enrich this duet with their opulent vocals. However, this enrichment is not a very well deserved one, as the track is again at a severe loss of a rich and likable melody. It is difficult to remember the tune or the lyrics and the track takes no time in fading out of your memory.

Richa Sharma bags a song after "Kaante" in "Musafir" as well. The pain and agony of "Maahi Ve" is the raw inspiration of the Lounge version of "Rabba". There are other three versions to bear, but after listening to this one, we need not go that far. That sums it up all for "Rabba".

Sukhwinder Singh prominently stretches every nerve of his vocal cord, as he starts "Saki". Sunidhi Chauhan instantly provides her cordial support. The combination of the two is outstanding and consequentially the track turns out to be tolerable although its similarity with numerous other such tracks (mostly in Sanjay Dutt movies) mars its uniqueness to quite an extent and one might not really pay enough attention to this one as well.

The entire zany Hunt for the so-called "Item Girl" is for this track called "Sun Suniyo". Hema Sardesai gives her 100 percent once again, which is one reason why there are hopes for this track to make it big at the groovy nights. The track does have the required pep and catch to hold the audience acoustically. It would now be rather interesting to see if the track also grabs visually after all the hullabaloo for chasing the inexplicable "Item Girl".

"Sanjay Dutt" has surely been carried away after some misleading applauds for his obtuse dialogue in "Aye Shivani" in the movie "Khoobsurat". "Tez Dhaar" is a techno beat track with Sanju Baba just being himself by giving solid "Raag Patti" (threatening utterance) in his horrendous voice. What he did in "Khooburat" was entertaining, but what he has done here is a pittance that will only hurt this already botched compilation.

There are different versions of many tracks listed above, but they do not deserve a mention because they are not worth a mention.

With such awful music, "Musafir" certainly does not seem like a Musafir (traveller) who will go a long way. The same look and feel of the movie, the same packaging, the same Sanjay Dutt and the same kind of Musical setup definitely does become a bit too much and the newness (if any) of the story is now in doubts. "Musafir" may not prove to be another "Kaante", but it will certainly be prove to be another "Plan".

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