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   Music Review : Chhodo Na Yaar

 Chhodo Na Yaar
Director :
Music :
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Starring :
 Dilip Sood
 Anand Raj Anand
 Anand Raj Anand
 Jimmy Shergill, Kim Sharma, Mahak.

By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Anand Raaj Anand (ARA) had some memorable vibes to share this year with moderate success of SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA but thereafter it has been low key affair. CHHODO NA YAAR, a low profile entertainer brings his expertise with Panchhi Jalonvi lyrical skills and some remarkable boisterously loud Punjabi musical thump at helm of affairs, to give it some notable look. Controversial Daler Mehndi’s “bhangra” flair props up as the brightest facet but ARA conventional skills are too inadequate to make any striking budge.

ARA has a rather insignificant stint as playback singer than his contemporaries but still he supreme out with mike in melodically somber soundtrack “Kasak”. It has melancholic romantic shades emoted in peculiar resonating folklore styled arrangements where ARA voice proves inconsequential to make any “soulful” moves. “Kasak (remix)” has aggravated “beats per second” tempo that merges moderately with animated arrangements and added rap lyrical punches with average results.

After moderate success of “Humraks” (KAAFILA), Daler Mehndi’s prowess leads this impoverished musical show in fast-paced “qawalli” cum “bhangra” styled disco track “Talwar Re”. This time ARA has winner in hand for its catchy rhythmic beat patterns and pompous ethnicity that makes impromptu impact with vociferously aggressive vocals. Sunidhi Chauhan’s contorts to mellow tones than her peculiar gruffly rendition while Daler’s eclectically resounding vocals lives up to the big occasion. “Talwar Re (remix)” has quizzically snazzy English lyrical flow (“You freak my mind…) in upbeat hip-hop interpretation that melts aggressively with added ARA vocals in giving it modish “club” remix feel. “Talwar Re (Dhol mix)” has remarkable trendy UK “bhangra” inclination where thumping “dhol” amidst boisterously disco beat fillers and DJ scratches and claps makes amazing loud thumps and bangs. It’s really a rollicking feast that might be soaring high on volumes in DJ stations and undeniably be big thrust for its lead actors and singers. Shake It!!!

Sunidhi Chauhan disappoints and above all it’s ARA unimposing musical works that sucks with outdated outlook of loud and jarring disco track in “Jhoom Le”. ARA has earlier composed similar stuff in films like KAANTE, PLAN etc but this lacks ire and punch of burning floors.

ARA has another disappointment coming all his way in lackluster “Zindagi”, the only trendy urbane discotheque track where Shaan’s superciliously oozed vocals are exhausted with zilch impact. Reckless orchestration, weird lyrics and uncanny arrangements with over-enthused Shaan makes it forgettable affair. Skip it!

“Luta Hai Zamane Ne” is impressive “qawalli” that brings some shades of “Rang Lal” (BIG BROTHER) to ears and this time it’s brusquely throaty Sukhwinder Singh vocals making all the moves. Panchi Jalonvi’s lyrical work impresses to the core and overtly audible Sufi flavors gives it an extra edge but still it fails to be anything that can be termed as heart-warming or soul –stirring to ears.

CHHODO NA YAAR adds itself to the listing of insignificant offerings by ARA with an exception of “Talwar Re” in all its versions. Sukhwinder Singh’s “Luta Hai Zamaane Ne” is another saving grace with modest appeal but rest of them simply disenchants.

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