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   Music Review : Dil Dosti Etc

 Dil Dosti Etc
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Manish Tiwary
 Raam Goutam
 Shreyas Talpade, Nikita Anand, Imaad Shah, Smriti Mishra, Ishita Sharma.

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Download Dil Dosti Etc Wallpapers

Download Dil Dosti Etc Wallpapers

The expectations are almost zilch when there are fresh and unexplored talents (composers, singers and lyricists) credited on the cover of low profile campus-caper flick. After notable MANORAMA SIX FEET UNDER, surprises galore in bits and pieces for another low profile entertainer where different beats and sounds from new entrants Siddarth-Suhas and Indian rock band “Agnee” makes promising youthful vibes. Siddarth-Suhas had an unnoticed THE FILM with couple of striking compositions in it while it’s real revelation to hear newly formed Indian rock group “Agnee” making sentimental hues with their jazz-rock solo track.

After “good-humoredly” rebellious tones and vibes in “Masti Ki Paathshala” (RANG DE BASANTI), it’s time for another set of funky “yuppie” phraseology in wittily inundated “Dum Laga”. This mutinously mischievous track comes in roguish campus lingo with gibberish confronted lyrical highlighting the dreams, desires, beliefs and instincts of FOSLA (Frustrated One Sided Lover’s Association). It can possibly be another “Ganpat” for campus capers for its metrically catchy beats where vocal impishness of Hamza, Suraj Jagan and Siddarth-Suhaas makes rueful noises. “Dum Laga (remix)” by DJ Phat So (eerie…sounding) has added creepy one-liners with perky free-flowing wood-winds and whistling sounds in its interludes to give it supple and unruffled feel to lure frontbenchers with its puckish flows.

View Dil Dosti Etc Movie Stills

View Dil Dosti Etc
Movie Stills

Its delight to hear Indian rock “Agnee” (Mohan, Koko, Arjit) than Paki rock group making their consequential way in tinsel town with country-western stylized rock ballad “Lamha Yeh Jayega Kahan”. Mohan, the lead vocalist gets into delectable groove with jaunty guitar strumming clubbed effectively with soft synthesizers (harmonically similar to “Sting” and “Deep Purple”) notes in ushering out a stylized Jazz-rock feel. Prashant Pandey idealistically romantic verses have connotations of recently heard “Halke Halke” (HONEYMOON TRAVELS PVT LTD) with impressive soft rock concert binge.
Go for it!

View Dil Dosti Etc Wallpapers

View Dil Dosti Etc
Movie Stills

Earlier Siddarth-Suhaas has inconsequential outing with Sunidhi Chauhan in “Khatra Khatra” (THE FILM) but this time things goes bad to worse in another of her loosely packed solo “Sambhalo Dil Ko”. It sounds like a left over from rave’s party and ends more like a sleazy disco track with Sunidhi’s shreiky baritones disappointing in avoidable echoing jarring impacts. Skip it!

Indian rock band “Agnee” has different blend and genre to offer as they deliver a traditional “thumri” track conceptualized in typical “mujra” display in emotional “More Banke Chaliya”. Arti Khanwalikar’s classically groomed vocals suits the mood with Ram Goutam’s intrinsically poignant lyrical work giving it archetypal touches. It’s all together different musical feel of uninhibited genre after the title track of LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG and expectedly it’s restricted to extremely small sect of listeners.

Labh Januja, UK rustically styled “bhangra” icon brings frothy pub dancing culture on floors again with his loud and peppy vocals where metrically steady beat patterns makes friendly notes with foot-thumping “bhangra” beats in “Man Mohniye”. This track is especially catered and nurtured to DJ’s disc-spinning ethnicity but there is faint sloppiness in intermittently monotonous feminine rendition by Mona, but overall the festive spirit is maintained with “bhangra” pomposity. It’s remix track is solely promotional stuff and it’s no great hear as compared to modern-day upbeat trance, electronic or hip-hop remixes version.

Download Dil Dosti Etc Wallpapers

Download Dil Dosti Etc Wallpapers

DIL DOSTI ETC, a campus politesse has some faint-edged “bolt from the blue” substance in contemporary “bhangra” track “Man Mohniye”, soft rock ballad “Lamha Yeh Jayega” and volubly outrageous “Dum Laga”, but still they are far short of desired chartbusting place among today’s top-listed tracks. Both composers groups (Siddarth-Suhas and “Agnee”) are audaciously productive for their stylized “yuppie” thrills but are far from being termed “bankable”.

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