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   Music Review : Mumbai Salsa

 Mumbai Salsa
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Manoj Tyagi
 Adnan Sami
 Vir Das, Indraneil Sengupta, Ray Irani, Linda Arsenio, Manjari Fadnis, Dilip Thadeshwar, Alisha Chinai

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View Mumbai Salsa Movie Stills

View Mumbai Salsa
Movie Stills

The mania of “Salsa”, popular Afro-Cuban Latin dance musical, forms the new spicy flavor of Bollywood festive season with new brigade of actors in MUMBAI SALSA. Like countless foreign musical genres, this too proves buoyant force in usurping thriving youthful buzz on dancing floors with splinters of emotional hues in couple of sentimental tracks. Adnan Sami synthesizes typical salsa band musical work that carries the connotations of spiciness of some Latin and Caribbean style of work. Irrespective of its low profile, the sauntering Salsa dancing “saucy” moves through the arduous passion of “Mumbai Salsa”, “Akeli Zindagi” and “Friday” promises some grand surprises.

Adnan Sami gets into traditional salsa grooves with stylish Latino trumpets and trombones tones racing high and low with enthralling flashy impacts in oozing out body gyrating swaying and twirling moves on floors in the title track “Mumbai Salsa”. The electrified sounds of drum sets, saxophones clubbed with peculiar Salsa percussive elements helps it in delivering a modish feel with thriving “swirling” impact on floors. Adnan Sami’s vocal thrust gives it racy flow while Alisha Chinai excels vivaciously with her Indi-pop lingo rendition. Alisha goes full throttle in solo version in stylish crooner way with similar salsa tangibility that promises to fire up all cylinders on floors. Good Shot!

Sensuously driven Salsa dancing moves gets into another feminine baritone with sultry vocals of Gayatri Iyer getting into high octave singing in loud and peppy “Friday”. Sami’s musical flair loses some control in interludes with some sluggish moves and even decorum of salsa falls flat with pale sounding vocals and makes it mediocre affair. Kunal Ganjawala’s voices forms grounding support in tandem in this flirtatiously saucy track in the second version that’s more akin to dancing feast on floors.

“Akeli Zindagi”, a lonesome-wholesome solo salsa number by flamboyantly voluble Shaan is one of finest inundation of mixing sentimentalism into groovy Salsa notes and rhythms in present times. Sameer’s affluence in prosaic wording matched with Latino montage in prelude and interludes gives it modish Spanish musical feel. Do give it a thorough hears to get a voguish tinge of Latin American musical style and positively it will impress you with its dexterity.

View Mumbai Salsa Movie Stills

View Mumbai Salsa
Movie Stills

Adnan Sami’s versatility plunges album to soft serene gears as the mood gets mushy and tranquil with excruciatingly sweet-talk romantic soundtrack “Choti Si Inteza”. Sami’s intense baritones reflects the sentimental moods of “Tera Chehra” (Album –“Tera Chehra”) striking effectively with “shehnai”, violin and keyboard notes in its backdrop. Sameer’s prosaic binding is impressive in lines like “Mile na mile phir hasin yeh raatein, Khilee na khile phir labo pe batein, Meri arzoonein jaan le tu yeh dil ruba, Ghadi yeh ghadi na hum se keh de alvida…” in making it Sami’s finest solo efforts in recent times.

Shaan along with Shreya Ghoshal gets into contemporary Bollywood romantic duet flow with soft inclination to salsa music binge in mediocre sounding “Pyar Se”. Sami’s musical mood paves way to the situational needs with predictable wordings and routine orchestrations. Amit Kumar soothing vocal textures tries to infuse some serenity in the second version of “Pyar Se”, but the spark of emoting passionate vulnerability and delectability with tender moments is strikingly missing.

“Salsa (Music)”, the only instrumental is brief and tangy work where typical Latino percussions forms concoction with bass, saxophone and violin notes in delivering signature tuneful feel to the album. It’s expected to be big glimmer in the album for its harmonically rich title but rather it’s an unimposing concluding display as compared to strikingly rich “Akeli Zindagi” or “Mumbai Salsa”.

Adnan Sami’s musical works astonishes in MUMBAI SALSA with its dazzlingly spicy salsa moves in “Mumbai Salsa” while “Akeli Zindagi” and “Choti Si Inteza” have the substance of making it rich on silver screen. After the success of comical thriller DHAMAAL, Sami excels with his prowess in delivering a quintessential Salsa feel. Unquestionably the album has it limitations of being hit by low face value and bleak promotion but still it manages to be another significant attribute in Sami’s filmography.

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