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   Music Review :The Blue Umbrella

 The Blue Umbrella
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Vishal Bharadwaj
 Vishal Bharadwaj
 Pankaj Kapoor,Shreya Sharma.

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Vishal Bharadwaj, the man with “Shakespearian” touch makes another impressive exertion in kid entertainment with THE BLUE UMBRELLA after his impressive directorial debut in MAKDEE. After Shakespeare’s adaptation of “Macbeth” (MAQBOOL) and “Othello” (OMKARA) into Hindi filmdom, it’s time for Ruskin Bond’s short story that finds the light of the day with ever vibrant Vishal Bharadwaj along with poetically affluent Gulzar at the helm of musical affairs. This bunch of kindergarten musical treat brings light hearted musical entertainment in bubbly and vivacious vocal modes with half dozen instrumental works serenading to the lively and cheerful spirit of the film.

The fantasy land of meticulously scintillating “Neeli Chatri” (Blue Umbrella) breaths fresh whiff of natural aromatic air where the candidly innocent sentiments of little girl gets exuded with sweet “n” innocent vocal charms of Upagna Pandya in “Neeli Aasmani Chatri”. Upagna Pandya, the wonder bubbly voice that startled senses in MAKDEE gets into kindergarten style of singing again. Vishal Bhardwaj’s musical aesthetics works magic as the soft titillating arrangements forms soulful backdrop in narrating this “castle in the sky” parable. Gulzar’s prosaic affluence in coagulating the naivety of sentiments with folksy flavors is praiseworthy as Ruskin Bond’s creativity lives many lives in its supple display.

The mischievous and naughty playful endeavors about roguish “Tesso”, an impish character is pompously and snootily delivered in collective vocal voices of bunch of kids in “Teeso”. Gulzar’s rustic folklore styled lyrical work about playful “Teeso” is well synchronized in low-pitched theatrical musical arrangements that are brilliantly voiced by spirited kid singers. This time Upagna Pandya is ably supported by Aparna, Sahiti and Sneha in creating a hullabaloo of prankish turbulence. Vishal Bharadwaj’s harmonic prowess can best be experienced when this sweetly crooned gets its share of success on silver screen with children’s making merry in festive mood.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s earlier stint as musical composer had “hilly” connection as his finest works in MAACHIS and BETAABI had natural ambience of hilly delights. “Barfaan”, a sentimental nature’s delight number comes in similar musical tonality with Sukhwinder Singh modulating his voice to perfection. The sinusoidal musical display of vocals and malleable instrumental display are mesmerized pleasantly in echoing and vociferous display. It’s a delightful hear but its lyrical flow is more catered to the situational feel of the film. Earlier it was Suresh Wadekar’s flair of singing in “Tum Mere Ho” (BETAABI) or chorally nostalgic “Chodh Aaaye Hum” (MAACHIS) that exuded this peculiar “hilly” harmonic touch and now “Barfaan” works effectively with the sentiments of the situation.

The rest of the musical offering comes in situational instrumental soundtracks that symbolize different shades, moods and sentiments of the film. “Biniya-the warrior princess” has an aggressive percussive elements working progressively to give it a daunting appeal.

“Evil Lurk” had a gruesome intimidating appeal that comes in a morbid daunting musical backdrop filled with horrifying moans, loud percussive works and loud thumping. It has the feel of “evil” arriving with its nefarious tentacles at a killing pace.

“Nandu-the king” has the twirling “salsa” dancing feel that comes striking all the way with playful harmonic, violin and piano notes. It signifies the light hearted characterization of “Nandu-the king” as the track gets well embellished in impressive choral display in the background.

“The Arrival” comes with mixed feel of terrifying saga and smoothening sentimental touch as loud drumming gets clubbed effectively with sweet “n” serene flute rendition. “The Blue Umbrella” is epigrammatic silhouetted musical version of the film. It is delectably poised with subtle piano notes, violin work and serene harmonica and percussions working collectively in giving it a nostalgic touch.

“The Chase” is a brief theatrical instrumental work rendered with invigorating loud and shrill percussive display.

“The Desert” delivers a morbid and morose feel through its loud pitched resonating instrumental display. It has folksy instrumentation working in tandem in delivering a gloomy feel to the situation.

“The Rise Above Sky” is a delightful violin work number where the collective display of violins brings a serene and euphoric feel of “hilly” regions. Feel its magical maneuvers in its cinematic exhibit amidst beautiful landscaped locations.

Download  Film BLUE UMBRELLA Premiere Show - Picture Gallery

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“The Sky in my hand” brings colors of joy and enthusiasm with inspired and stimulated instrumental works depicting the sense of delight, enchantment and optimism. It’s a brief signature tuneful track brings vocal tinge of “Neeli Aasmani Chatri” in its last interludes that have euphorically delightful feel.

THE BLUE UMBRELLA works magic again in child fiction genre and once again Vishal Bharadwaj excels as music composer with strong support of reliable Gulzar and impressive kid vocalists. It’s unfortunate that its surfaces poor promotion and negligible hype and its commercial prospects rest heavily on its box –office fate than on its impressive harmonic display.

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