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 Ram Gopal Verma
  Antra Mali, Abhishek Bacchhan

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Download Naach WallpapersIt's been more or less a decade since the world was amazed at how an elegant makeover and equally modish clothing sagacity can absolutely transform an average looking girl to a Zesty Sensuous Diva. 'Rangeela' was not just another movie, but it was a revolution in itself. It gave birth to a totally new genre of movies while altering the outlook of people toward the magnitude of precise makeovers and adorn. Urmila Matondkar became an overnight star with the tag of cliche sex-bomb permanently fixed onto her and her designer Manish Malhotra was in for a lifetime success indemnity.

Download Naach WallpapersThe Director of this movie - Ram Gopal Verma also shot to overnight fame, first as a mentor to Urmila and then as a brilliant Director whose movies have always been a true mirror of the society and worth the time and money you spend watching them. Talking about Mentor, Ram Gopal Verma has a new protegee. Well, not really new, because Antra Mali's struggle dates back to the 'Mast' days, but Ramu obliged only recently with 'Main Madhuri Dixit Banana Chahti Hoon', 'Gayab' and now for 'Naach' where opportunely Ramu himself directs Antra Mali and Abhishek Bacchhan in the lead roles. Thankfully, the bad luck charm on AB's baby finally seems to be fading out with Dhoom's roaring victory and healthy pre-release prospects for 'Naach'.

Naach is a musical, showcasing the musical brilliance of upcoming composers Amar-Mohile and Shailendra-Swapnil.

The complete 'Rehman' hangover is more than evident right from the first track - 'Awara Man Mein' which is one of the title tracks. The track has a certain mysterious as well as mesmerizing effect to it that will captivate your senses almost instantaneously, but the problem here is that it draws to a close before you fully enjoy the experience. Shweta Pandit's gripping vocals and Amar Mohile's transfixing musical backdrop especially the Shankh pieces register as the Highlights of the track. Lyrically one could not have asked for better than Nitin Raikwar's compelling libretto.

Download Naach Wallpapers'Berang Zindagi Hai' carries forward the pace and tempo of the album, but with more Vigor and Force. The track is rich with numerous electrifying beats and musical instruments racing throughout the track. Sukhwinder Singh and Gayatri Iyer aptly match the pace of the track and their vocals only add to the valor.

Yet another title track is a sober number by Shweta Pandit again - 'Naach Naach Ke' Composed by Shailendra Swapnil and written by Tabbish Romani the track is average at the first earshot, but it might just grow on you.

Adnan Sami and Sonu Kakkar conveniently pick up the lost pace with 'Ishq Da Tadka'. The track has potentials to entice not only the elite class but also the frontbenchers due to its familiar lyrics and a racy tune that can facilitate some boogie boo. Amar Mohile's enlivening composition and Nitin Raikwar's fitting lyrics is just what the track needs.

'Hosh Mein Josh' is Kunal Ganjwala's solo along with very active female chorus though. Low on melody and high on alacrity and trenchant beats, this one marks the end of listenable tracks on the album (including itself).

Download Naach WallpapersAll the pace and energy is lost as soon as Kunal mutters some words that are barely audible. It is 'Rakht Ka Hai Yeh Gubbara'. The track is diverse and is for a unique target audience - all right, but it severely lacks any goodness or likeliness to melody. Shweta Pandit joins but does not really impress until a bit toward the end. Markand Deshpande's lyrics are distinct and they don't mean a thing. Shailendra Swapnil's slothful composition appears once again with the lyricist Markand Deshpande himself crooning his own vocabulary.

Album draws to a soothing close with 'Bandhane Lagi' which is a placid and sultry love duet by Shweta Pandit and a tenderfoot named Sujit Kumar. The track is not very melodious, but has echoing vocals of both the singers along with some divine music, that feels good on ears. Shweta Pandit is good as usual, but the Sujit Kumar displays astounding potentials of a solemn and soulful singer. Jaideep Sahni's resolute lexis deserves appreciation.

Visually 'Naach' does seem to be slightly close to Rangeela, but Musically it's far from being close to Rangeela, but remember - Ramu's factory is always at work.

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