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 Abbas Burmawalla, Mustan Burmawalla.
 Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna, Urvashi Sharma, Vikas Kalantri, Vishal Malhotra, Raj Zutshi.

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Download Naqaab WallpapersPritam’s first major association with “men in white” Abbas-Mastan’s hits high as the feel of intimidating expression of deceit, disguise, lust and love returns with vigorous venom and thrust in spine chilling thriller NAQAAB- DISGUISED INTENTIONS. The lethal combination of HUMRAAZ (Akshay Khanna and Bobby Deol) strikes major blow as the swords are crossed for new “damsel-in-town” Urvashi Sharma (Tips Video Girl). Pritam’s mellifluous narrative flow proves credible for the eventful happenings where the haunting backdrop of “disguised intentions” chills out senses. Yes! Pritam, the master blaster of soft rock ballads, usurps the shady feel of abhorrence masqueraded in the honey coated romance with Sameer’s impressive penned works showing optimum ambivalence. Fresh Talent Javed Ali’s rendered “Ek Din Teri Raahon Mein”, a sure shot chartbusting treat finds competent company of nerve-racking “Aye Dil Paagal Mere” and beach cavalcade gusto in “Aa Dil Se Dil Mila”.

Feel the intense tuneful tingling of “Kaho Na Kaho” (MURDER) as the euphoric prelude followed by the fine concoction of mushy somber guitar strumming,View synchronized percussive sounds mellowing gleefully with “soft-rock” base vocals of impressive Javed Ali in the chartbusting treat “Ek Din Teri Raahon Mein”. Pritam’s resilience with new talents and his formidable dexterity with rock ballads are materialized with perfection. Sameer’s supreme poetic intellects are at its acme to coagulate the subtle instrumental flow with oozing vocal exuberance. Javed Ali proves another laudable challenger for “youth singing icon” of the year after Soham (“In Dino” from LIFE IN A…METRO) and Mustafa Zahid (“Toh Phir Aao” from AWARAPAN). After supple romantic version, mood turns bizarre as DJ A Myth techno-stylized keyboard notes and synthesizers works brings a cavalcade of emotions on floors in rollicking “Ek Din Teri Raahon Mein (remix)”. Zubin’s “yuppie” textured vocals is finely harmonized with the racy “club mix” disco thump as the relishing passion stays on till the final beat is punched. Like Pritam’s “Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai” and “Tu Hi Meri Shab hai”, this principal soundtrack is sure shot chartbuster hit and positively a big attribute from the master composer Pritam for the album. Rock it!

View Naqaab Movie StillsIt's carnival time as the rhapsodic fervor of “fusion” thrust takes on with high on “electronic” sound mania making booty shake in the beach carnival feast in foot thumping “Aa Dil Se Dil Mila”. Pritam revisits his eye-candy musical work “Dil Laga Na” (DHOOM 2) in terms of rhythmical patterns with added dosages of Arabic music, bhangra works with strong tinge of western percussions to give it a smoldering flow. It goes special for Alisha Chenoy’s silken “n” sensuous vocal overtures, though her “It’s rocking” was more catchy and flammable. Krishna’s rustic and throaty paced voice, better used in backgrounds, shows its volubility with extra zest in peculiar Sufi mode. It can’t be clubbed chartbusting but can be played loud at rave party to shake a leg on floors. Pritam goes Reshammiya’s way in punching a contemporary Sufi rock remix with the expertise of Jatin Sharma making all funky electronic beats bangs by remixing it with svelte and racy vocals in loud and clear “Aa Dil Se Dil Mila Le (remix)”. “Aye Dil Paagal Mere”, a “lounge” mixes style syrupy romantic number strikes hues of compassion in whirlpool of invigorating vehemence with strong vocal enthuse. Pritam imbues the intimidating intriguing compassion masqueraded with mystical charm reminiscent to contemporary Abbas-Mustan’s flair of romance in a delectable soft rock mode appeal. Sonu Nigam’s resonating vocals exfoliates the combustible sentimental feel as his booming voice forms a pertinent chemistry with synchronized soft percussive backdrop. It carries the stamp of “Abbas-Mustan” contemporary thriller and experience the spine-chilling tremor whenever this track runs loud on big screen in shady situations. Get into the groove of hip-shaking “club” mix thrill as this deceitful romantic track gets a big booze of intoxicating DJ claps, scratches and disc spins in rhythmical passionate “Aye Dil Paagal Mere (remix)”. Now its femme fatal version, Sunidhi Chauhan gets into “Whitney Houston” style of vocal modulation as sensuous whimpers, fluttering percussions with fine concoction of violin, saxophone and mandolin works positively in the haunting “Aye Dil Paagal Mere (remix-2)”. The three versions are well to be classified as melodic catalyst in narrative flow rather than a listening delight, so visualize shades of emotions, expressions and compassions whenever these versions runs loud in theatre.

View Naqaab Movie StillsDisguised Intentions”, the finale and tagline, comes with European style of instrumental work where the notes and rhythmical patterns of “Aye Dil Paagal Mere” are fabricated into striking instrumental mode. The thriving and racy Gregorian chants mixed in over-enthused arrangements and pacing gives it an intimidating fervor that makes it a daunting background score.

Pritam delivers a stocky but commercially workable musical exertion in the musical packaging of Abbas-Mustan’s NAQAAB-DISGUISED INTENTIONS. The notable composer maintains golden streak of success with impressive “Ek Din Teri Raahon Mein”, frivolous “Aa Dil se Dil Mila” and thematically inclined “Aye Dil Paagal Mere”. Even Abbas-Mustan track record of delivering credible musical offering lives up to its expectations. Javed Ali’s “Ek Din Teri Raahon Mein” is predictably chartbusting hit number while the rest of them deliver quality musical amusement. Play it loud!

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