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 Nehle Pe Dehla
Director :
Music :
Starring :
 Ajay Chandok
 Sanjay Dutt, Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Kim Sharma, Mukesh Rishi, Shakti Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav

By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

After a hiatus of more than three years, the comical hullabaloo of NEHLE PE DEHLA finally finds the light of the day. The hot sellers Sanjay Dutt and Saif Ali Khan are all set for hilarious bedlam after being paired diametrically opposite in aesthetically dramatic PARINEETA. Sensuous babes Bipasha Basu and Kim Sharma serveas eye candies to the flavor with seductive Neha Dhupia chipping in with item song. Now some bad news, it comes straight to ears and senses from the lethargically paced and “doomed to failure” musical offering from the bunch of experienced music directors. Experienced campaigners Anand Raj Anand, Daboo Malik and Nikhil –Vinay’s music sucks to the maximum while trendy Pritam and vivacious DJ Suketu redeem pride with couple of audible hip-shaking tracks.  

Snooty hip-hop flavors makes dazzling prelude to the effervescently peppy soundtrack “Parvar Digara”. Soft n shrill Tulsi Kumar sinusoidal moving vocals make waves but sound repetitive with similar tonal textures heard in couple of Reshammiya’s and Anu Malik’s numbers. Talented KK is completely misused with loud and jarring rendition and ends up as filler for background singer. Pritam’s trendy musical arrangements, impressive sound production and rhythmic balancing with dash of hip-hop are saving grace but still it lacks the fuel n fire to rock the floors. “Parvar Digara (remix)” comes with accelerated tempo in conventional club mix and sounds much better for dancing floors than the original soundtrack.

Zubin Garg proves to be superstar of the album with “Hoga Hoga Khuda Gawah” and packs it with desired youthful commotion and hip-shaking zeal. DJ Suketu fires up all cylinders and ignite the floors with rumbustious funky beats. Zubin’s Sufi singing mode that worked magic in “Ya Ali” and “Rabbi” spices up the tempo and fills up musical decorum with youthful blast. Undoubtedly the finest of all and should prove to be saving grace for album and influential in film promotion.

Avoidable and irritating, this one comes from the decayed 80’s and 90’s Bollywood collections packed ridiculously in loosely conceived “Husn Husn”. Shaan sings apology of soundtrack with garish Jaspinder Narula screeching vocals making it a complete disappointment. Anand Raj Anand picks up it from his old 80’s discarded collection and rejuvenates it to impress with dash of Salsa dancing thrills.

Cacophonous to the core, this old fashioned “Imaan Dol Jayega” is simply injurious to ears and makes an apology of soundtrack in a row. Sunidhi Chauhan boisterously driven bawdy lyrics are deafeningly irritating. Vinod Rathod extra loud vocals join the show with dosages of Anand Raj Anand stale and preventable music making it bad to worse.

Pritam imbibes the rhythmic patterns of youthful “Dil Chahta Hai” with comical tinge of squeaky sound modulation of “Apna Sapna Money Money” in peppy “Nehle Pe Dehla”. Shaan gets his final due of delivering amicable entertaining number after being written off in avoidable “Husn Husn”.

The title track gets second make over and face lifts in rather more melodramatically conceived “Nehle Pe Dehla-2” by Shaan and Kunal Ganjawala. It has the comical feel of David Dhawan’s comical entertainers of 90’s and should prove fodder and silage for promotion and background score. Simply average!

Staleness stinks from the word go in lethargically paced “Bottle Mein Main” as Vinod Rathod and Abhijeet sings out with modulating tones. Daboo Malik revamps old forgotten musical flair of 80’s and packs it with trendy musical arrangements but fails to deliver the needful. Bollywood has outlived this era and even slapstick comical entertainers will find hard to accommodate this “left over” stuff.

Amateurish! Mediocrity tight grips album and disappointment continues with unimpressive and sluggishly paced “Shararati”. This time it comes from Nikhil-Vinay with the vocal thrust of raw finished upcoming singer Saumyajit Ghosh in already composed lousy number “Shararati” (KOI MERE DIL MEIN HAI) from Shaan. It sounds more like cover version of mediocre soundtrack with forgettable musical setting and shows naivety and negligence of producers in accepting it.  

Controversial Mika Singh along with unimpressive Tarranum Malik end up proceeding for this cadaverously composed album with below average number “Neeli Neeli Aankhowali”.  Anand Raj Anand jarring music with weird Dev Kohli is the added villains to make this passable affair. Poor!

“Dil Naiyyo Mane Re” (PHIR HERA PHERI) flaunts as unwelcome guest as bonus track in the album after being completely ignored in AHISTA AHISTA.

NEHLE PE DEHLA is apology of an album with “beaten to death” musical offerings with sigh of relief from Pritam’s composed soundtracks. Anand Raj Anand along with Daboo Malik and Nikhil-Vinay shows signs of fatigue by rehashing outdated and decayed musical trends in new packaging with dismal results. 
Avoid it!

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