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 Out Of Control
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 Ramanjit Juneja, Apurva Asarani
 Anand raj Anand
 Dev Kohli
 Ritesh Deshmukh, Hrishita Bhatt, Brande Rodrick

By Raunaq Kotecha

There are no two ways about the fact that Indian Cinema is going through a major transformation and state of cultural shocks. As we all know for sure that change is always for better and Bollywood too is no exception. Gone are the days when every forthcoming Bollywood movie had the same look and feel, packaged in almost similar manner with more or less identical setups and conventional star casts. Indian Cinema is definitely passing through a phase in which there is a difference in every facet of movie making. Right from Movie Titles to Music Releases to Costumes to Setup to Direction to Production and from Music to Starcast. While we are not much concerned with Costumes, Setup etc but we are certainly concerned with the last two i.e. Music and Star cast, as the movie in question is Vashu Bhagnani's forthcoming flick - Out Of Control (OOC). As desperate as it may sound, but it is true because Mr. Bhagnani (along with Ritesh and Hrishita) desperately need a hit to mark his buoyancy in the industry and also to salvage his image as a smooth and successful film maker. Mr Bhagnani has already been a talk of the town for roping in the oh so popular BayWatch babe - Brande Rodrick and launching OOC's music in the air. However, with OOC's music already in the air, let us go ahead and take a look at what Vashuji has in store for us this time around.

Generally, an Anu Malik loyalist, Vashuji has now started widening his horizons and consequently signing other Music Directors like Nadeem - Shravan and Anand Raj Anand (ARA) who has done the musical honors for OOC. ARA is known for specializing in Punjabi folk music and all of his songs invariably have that earthen feel to them and OOC is no exception. In fact, our bollywood is so "Inspired" by Punjabi folk music that almost every movie has at least one Punjabi kinda number. Dev Kohli who is known for his funky style of writing has penned lyrics of OOC.

OOC has total of seven tracks with no repetition of songs (thankfully!). USA vich LA, is the opening track and one of the best tracks of the album having Shaan and Sunidhi doing the vocal honors. The song is a Punjabi dance number with foot tapping beats and jazzy musical arrangements. It has been penned and sung keeping in mind Brande Rodrick. Sunidhi sings with an American accent and sounds amazingly different, ditto for Shaan. The efforts of both the singers are very well reflected in the song. Although, the song starts off with a firangi singer chanting some angrezi words in a usual accent, her name does not feature anywhere in the credits. However, to understand the meaningful lyrics of Dev Kohli (no pun intended), you will have to listen to the song very carefully at least thrice.

The next track is "Jodiya Ban Gayi hai balle balle" sung by Udit Narayan, Adnan Sami and Chorus. The track is far from being melodious and has no innovation to offer whatsoever. In fact, one really wonders as to why the makers would want to have such an old fashioned track in a movie like OOC that claims to be ultra modern types in all departments. However, in a bid to make it sound unique and modern, Adnan Sami lends his unconventional voice, but ends up sounding totally ambiguous and distorted. Even the chorus sounds clearer than Adnan. The only good thing about the song is Udit Narayan's clear voice, but the tune and music arrangements are quite disappointing.

The next one to hit your ears (literally) is "India se main aaya hoon", as the start of the track is so loud, heavy and bizarre just enough to give you a nervous breakdown. The track has Sonu Nigam, as a solo singer along with the chorus. There is nothing note-worthy about this track either. Lyrics are very common, but Sonu Nigam is at his usual best. However, the song tends to strike an emotional chord with audiences towards the end with Sonu chanting lyrics like "Apna Watan yaad aata hai... us mitti se mera naata hai" and "Pardes mein uski khushboo ka jhonka koi aa hi jaata hai", but fails to register because it is too short and the track suddenly jumps back to its original pace and impassiveness.

The next track "Aa Mujhe Choo Le" is a straight inspiration from the latest pop busters remixes and rightly so because it has been composed by DJ Aqeel and Sanjay Wadhwani. Newcomer Ramona does a decent job of singing this Hinglish number. The tune is just about OK, but the song does have some foot tapping beats that can make you dance if you are the types who can dance at the drop of a hat.

Up next is Tu mera hai Sanam, featuring Babul Supriyo and Suzzane. Again, the tune is highly disappointing and there is nothing in the song that can play on your mind. The unimpressive interlude of Hinglish lyrics (not again), by Suzzane will instantly remind you of Tum Mile from Criminal, which is obviously a better option. An entire English portion (like Lagaan had in "Oh ri chori") would always be more preferable rather than messing up with both the languages by having a Hinglish intrusion. Babul Supriyo sounds soft and sweet, but is not enough to give the song a second hearing.

As if "Jodiya ban gayee balle balle" was not enough, we have yet another track "Kudi Vi Soni" overloaded with Punjabi lyrics, hazaar musical instruments and chorus. Udit Narayan and Babul Supriyo have done a good job in singing what was given to them. However, with such a common tune and typical music arrangements, one can only hope that at least masses bother to listen.

The last track "Tera chand sa yeh chehra" is just another futile try to lure the audiences. Although, it is better than most of the other compositions in the album, USA vich LA still remains the best. This track has vocals of Babul Supriyo and Shreya Ghosal sharing the musical honors. The tune is run of the mill and lyrics are the best that we have heard so far, to the extent that OOC is concerned.

Overall, OOC has a music score ranging from poor to average, but what is most surprising is how Mr. Bhagnani could settle down with such an average musical score for a film that is important to him in all sense of terms? Also, we are hopeful that Anand Raj Anand will do a better job with tunes and music in his forthcoming movies, like he has previously done. Well, one thing is for sure, Vashuji, need not schedule an Interval for this movie coz all his songs will anyway serve the purpose for our movie mongers.

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RAUNAQ KOTECHA,your article is good as in it points out every detail of the music,but personally i do not agree with you because i do like the music of OUT OF CONTROL.
- Diksha Kamat

It is good movie. hope it will click
- Sourish Chakraborty

I like this music very much.i also like the flim out of control.
- Harsha Jain