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Starring :
 David Dhawan
 Sajid, Wajid
 Sanjay Chhel, Shabbir Ahmed, Jalees Sherwani
 Govinda, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta, Dilip Tahil, Amey Pandya

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Sajid-Wajid, music duo with peppy thrust and a specialist among Salman Khan’s flicks for couple of years bounces back with their energetic and sparkling charismatic presence as trendy composers in David Dhawan’s PARTNER. The musical duo tasted average success with their last release THE KILLER (2006) but their track record in Salman’s flicks speaks volumes about their tuneful expertise and immaculate dexterity. Their last supreme success came in David Dhawan’s MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI and their massy magic continues as they are going great guns in his PARTNER. The album’s explodes with flamboyant and thriving shades of hip-hop, reggae, r n b, Latino, lambda with frothy whirl-winding Goan carnival music in its musical packaging. Feel the “total time pass” style of carefree musical entertainment in its vigorous title track followed by Punjabi celebratory “masti” in “Dupaata Tera Nau Rang Da” and trendy animated shove in “You’re My Love”.
Sajid-Wajid’s techno-generated tuneful expertise jumbles genres of musical formats in chiseling out a “twosome” funky prankster number in typical David Dhawan’s comical “ishtyle” in title track “Do you wanna partner”. Lively Udit Narayan and youthful Shaan deliver a “jugglery” of one-liners that amicably woos the pretty damsels on the beach, parties and in flashy fanfares. It’s no great musical bang but watch out the hilarious tinge that is animated with funky mandolin and woodwinds notes that forms amiable collision with saxophone “jazz” notes. Sanjay Chel’s mischievously and roguishly penned lyrics get the song into funny “theatrical” acts where the interludes contort substantially towards “Qaawali” and Lambda dancing formats. Its “massy” melodic appeal and witty garrulous proverbial lyrical flow is its biggest attribute that will conquer the desired territories in coming days. “Do you wanna partner (remix)” is promotional fodder and feast where the racy and energetic disco beats filler and DJ claps, scratch’s forms affable concoction with its signature tunes and bouncy vocals. Go get it!

The ethnically metaphorical word “Dupaata” proved magical statement for Sajid-Wajid with chartbusting hit “Laal Dupaata” (MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI) and now it’s playfully utterance spells pure success in “Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da”. This chartbusting surprise comes with patent Salman and Govinda styled musical zing that zooms with its racy bang and ludicrous verbose cranks. Sonu Nigam and Kunal Ganjawala’s perky vocal modulations come with celebratory commotions with enriched techno-gadgetry of keyboards and synthesizers. The hilariously punched acrobatic choreographic expertise will be its spotlight while teenyboppers can play it loud for their dancing pleasures. Good shot!

David Dhawan’s humorously penned romantic antics contort vivaciously to the upbeat thrust of hip-hop, reggae and r& b in racy extroverted confessions for “real love” by funny pranksters in frolicking “You’re My Love”. Shaan’s peppy deliverance filled with zingy rhythmical tinge is ambivalent to his popular “Dus Bahanae” (DUS) but the slow “beats per seconds” filled with energized hip-hop makes it NY special hip-hop and reggae work. Shweta Pandit’s shrill & silken works in tandem while impressive Earl D’Souza frenzied hip-hop rendition gives it an ultramodern racy appeal. “You’re My Love (remix)” has animated hip-hop flow that transcends frivolously with high-voltage disco beats thumps and enthused vocals to create a bedlam of commotion on the floors. Its musical zing has the contemporary “massy” appeal and will positively rock the floors in coming days.

David Dhawan’s inclination towards Manmohan Desai’s style of work gushes out in typical Gypsy, contemporary Goan folk and Latino styled music in carnival special soundtrack “Maria Maria”. Sajid-Wajid hires the skin and soul of its rhythmical base from 70’s hit “Hum Banjaron Ki” (DHARAM-VEER) while Latino styled music paves way to swirling dancing passions in a typical Goan folk musical work. Its old-fashioned musical depiction with strong Goan folk touch will restrict its acceptance but its vigorous and flamboyant arrangements will make it an eye-candy affair in the film. If you feel special about tracks like “Zinda Hai” (JOSH) or “Osaka Mariya” (ONE TWO KA FOUR), then it can be right recipe of entertainment for you otherwise wait for its bizarre cinematic depiction.

After booming RDB rendition in “Rabba Rabba” (NAMASTEY LONDON), here comes another UK “bhangra” bonanza “Soni De Nakhre” in the folksy Punjabi vocals of Labh Januja with similar dance “masti” and zing. It works heavily on its funky instrumental binge and muffled crazy lyrical flow with a typical UK “bhangra” sizzling thump reminiscent to Jazzy B, Apache Indian style of work. After hearing him in Pritam’s explosive “Pyar Karke” (PYAR KE SIDE EFFECTS), playful “Rabba Khair Khare” (HATTRICK) and enthralling “Let’s do Balle Balle” (NAKSHA), he comes out with more bass and electronically profound beat patterns number that sounds special for pub-friendly crowd. With dancing sensations Salman and Govinda at the helm of affairs, this average sounding numbers can be “full-size” visual spectacle for “aam junta”.

PARTNER resurrects and revitalizes the sagging plump in Sajid-Wajid’s filmography with pack of fun-filled musical “masti”. The duo experimental rendezvous with upbeat genres have roped in with rewarding results and it comes with chartbusting surprises in soundtracks like “Do you wanna partner”, “You’re My Love” and “Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da”. After colorfully extravagant MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI, the album promises another bountiful of entertainment for its listeners and probably big success in coming weeks.

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