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 Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :
Starring :
 Mahesh Manjrekar
 Anand Raj Anand, Sukhwinder Singh and Nitin Raikwar.
 Praveen Bhardwaj
 Suniel Shetty, Jhonny Lever, Anupama Verma, Kim Sharma, Masumi and Mahesh Manjrekar.

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Indian Cinema has always mirrored the society and vice versa. In our society, several responsible positions are held by such people who are neither deserving nor able to perform the tasks that they are meant to be doing. Their funny characteristics and foolhardy mannerisms are extremely ridiculous, yet they are an integral part of our Indian Political scene. Laloo Prasad Yadav and his enormously populated family are a classic and by far the most suitable example of the same. Apart from being in forefront of some of the most critical and crucial activities, Laloo is also one of the most popular buffoons who not only has Television shows spoofing on him but quite a few movies to boot. Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav (PLPY) is all set to join this not so happening league.

Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav Movie StillsProduced under the banner of Rhea Arts in association with Satyajeet Movies, PLPY is directed by Mahesh V. Manjrekar. Surprisingly, the movie does not star Sanjay Dutt. However, it does include Suniel Shetty, Jhonny Lever, Anupama Verma, Kim Sharma, Masumi and Manjrekar himself who has exploited all his talents to the T in this movie. The title of the movie is comprised of four different names played by four different characters.

Musically, movie boasts of a mix of a composer, a singer and a lyricist i.e. Anand Raj Anand, Sukhwinder Singh and Nitin Raikwar respectively. Lyrics too are written by different entities for different tracks, which will become clearer as we proceed further.

Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav Movie StillsThe movie has a total of 8 tracks out of which 2 are repeated. The very first track - "Deewana" is sung, written and composed by Sukhwinder Singh so we know whom to blame...! Do not get me wrong...the track is quite tolerable and even danceable if it earns its due popularity. Track is paced at an electrifying speed with non-stop beats in the background, which is a plus. Sukhwinder's efforts are clearly noticeable and do make an impact together with a melodious tune.

The title track is up next. Nitin Raikwar's first attempt at composing a track turns out to be a total disaster and he should confine himself to lyrics for the welfare of music lovers. K.K. and Vinod Rathod's minimal efforts are certainly not enough to salvage a track with such a middling melody.

Sukhwinder Singh's "Jadoo" spells little or no magic. It is an item number by the virtue of its singer - Sunidhi Chauhan. Sunidhi's voice mixed and matched with numerous digital effects and technological integration ultimately engenders a distorted relic, which is below affable limits. These facts also hold true for the male version of this track by Sukhwinder himself.

"Chidiya Chidiya" exceeds all the preceding tracks with respect to frailties. Anand Raj Anand and Praveen Bhardwaj (lyrics) make a complete mess out of the track along with Mahesh Manjrekar who manages to do maximum harm to the track with his ominous voice and singing. The only good thing about this track is Vaishali Samant, but her share is too little to alleviate the damages done by others. Moreover, if all this was not enough, the track also has a remixed version called the "Fadooo...Mix", which has the music further ruined...Oh! I by Ajay Atul.

Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav Movie StillsCome side "B" and you will be greeted with a better track - "Aaoonga nahin peeche peeche". This one is a bona fide Anand Raj Anand melody with an amusing tune and expert pick of singers. By expert, I meant Abhijeet who sounds thoroughly pleasant and young. Although, this time Vaishali Samant is not very impressive.

Nitin Raikwar convalesces radically with "Kabhi to Rooth Ja ". A solo track by Shaan, this one has a foot-tapping beat to it and a delightful melody, but the U.S.P. is definitely Nitin's witty lyrics and Shaan's riveting performance.

Too many cooks spoil the soup holds so true for the music of this movie. In the bid of being distinctive and effervescent, the music team of PLPY ended up being abysmal. Looking beyond music, PLPY may be able to pull audiences to the theatres because of a venerated director cum actor trying to tickle a funny bone within the audiences in view of the fact that it does have India's one of the most funniest public figure's name tenaciously associated with it.

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