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   Music Review : Pranali - The Tradition

 Pranali - The Tradition
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Hirdesh Kamble
 Kailash Kher
 Anil Pandey
 Nargis, Upyendra Limaye, Raman Trikha, Sudha Chandran.

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view PRANALI movie stills

view PRANALI movie stills

Kailash Kher, a noticeably folksy sounding musical prodigy whose success has ranged from earthen folksy tracks to disco infused thumping numbers has unexplored fašade of being affable composer to his credit. It was all because of his last successful hit pop album 'Kailasa' that this talent got noteworthy recognition. Paresh-Naresh, the co-composers of this album got their major due from this euphoric work but now this team gets even bigger as they enters Bollywood through modes of meaningful cinema in PRANALI - THE TRADITION. Like its meaningful women oriented theme, the album follows a sedate route of theme-oriented tracks in somber and classically musical textures. It's certainly not massy musical show by any standards but offers some melodic moments that gets showcased in the voices of noted contemporary voices.

Women Power!!! It could not have been better conglomerate of female vocalists singing in tandem as Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mahalaxmi Iyer and Richa Sharma gets their sparkling singing acts together in overjoyed 'Sakhiyaan Sakhiyaan'. The track delivers elated expressions of enjoying rainbows of life with different sounding feminine vocals modulating brilliantly with their delectable finesse. The well emoted sentimental binge of enthuse, joy and delight by lyricist Anil Pandey is constructively synchronized into appreciable melody. Kailash Kher along with Paresh-Naresh shows their great promise of harmonizing humane sentiments into contemporary Bollywood musical format. It may not be one among big chartbusters to hit the deck but certainly be one of listening delights in recent times. Melodious!!! 

Kailash Kher gets into vocal modes by incorporating subtle western musical works with dash of Arabic harmonic elements in average sounding 'Sach Na Batana'. It talks about awakening to brighter tomorrow but disappoints completely with outdated expressions of enlightening hoi polloi through over repeated phrases. Kailash's loud rendition of 'Al -Maddat Khuda' and later street-side bawdy wordings sounds unimposing and overall it's a bleak attempt to evoke pathos. Udit Narayan sings the second version and this may sounds slightly better for its contemporary vocal flows but still fails to embark any impact about emoted thought-provoking sentiments.

'Bikhar Gaye', a thematically oriented soundtrack epitomizes the supreme 'nari-shakti' (women power) embroiled with distressing emotions of being traumatized by society big-wigs. It's again an overstretched and monotonous piece of musical display where sub-standard lyrical works are consumed in mediocre sounding composition. Kailash Kher gives his honest effort as vocalist but lacks the tenacity of delivering a creditable theme track. Madhushri's sweet and lovable voice sings out the impressive sounding second version and it goes out melancholically vocal for the traumatized female protagonist's distressed sentiments. Like all previous female vocalists, Madhushri delivers a remarkable performance that deserved to be concocted with better composition and superior wordings.

Pandit Birju Maharaj, one of the living classical musical luminaries adds his flavor of music by emoting out the turbulence of ferocious emotions in traditionally conceived 'Tandav'. This presumed to be effective situational background score is energized with traditional instrumental flows and harmonized feminine chorals in the backdrop. It goes special for class listeners and do expect some spellbinding flow of emotions twirling around when this two minutes instrumental appears on big screen.

PRANALI-THE TRADITION has its heart at its place but the soul is completely missing in every sect of musical display. The album showcases its only bright spark in female dominating 'Sakhiyaan Sakhiyaan' while rest of the tracks simply adds on to the credits. An off beat film album like PRANALI-THE TRADITION promises least draw and with such sub-standard harmonic display, it will surely be ending up as another washout in the marquee.

Rating - 1/5

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