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Starring :
 Ritu Parno Ghosh
 Debojyoti Mishra
 Ajay Devgan, Aishwarya Rai

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Gone are the days when movie names were as simple and as straightforward as their stories. It is the time when the names of the movies are different and unique and their stories are mysteries that remain unsolved even after the movie is released and gone. Ritu Parno Ghosh is an intellectual director par excellence whose Bengali motion picture 'Choker Bali' was highly acclaimed nationally as well as internationally. Aishwarya Rai and Ghosh now come together along with Ajay Devgan under Ghosh's mainstream Bollywood direction in 'Raincoat', which is the name of the movie in question.

The music of the movie is also as unique as its name, (hopefully) the story and other aspects. Debojyoti Mishra and Ritu Parno Ghosh both put their heads together for the compositions and lyrics respectively. Shubha Mudgal finally takes up playback singing and considering the need of the music, almost all the songs have Shubha as a constant.

'Mathura Nagarpati' is a devotional based on Lord Krishna and coming from Shubha Mudgal it does make up for a perfect classical music experience. The melody of the track is serene and arouses inquisitiveness to listen further.

'Piya Tora Kaisa Abhimaan' is another classic crooned by Hariharan whose svelte vocals ensure that nothing goes wrong. Gulzar's meaningful lyrics and Shubha Mudgal's peaceful singing recreate and heave Hariharan's charisma in 'Raha Dekhe' which is on a higher note but both the tracks share the similar mystical feel.

Another track that is high on quality with rich lyrical value and intense singing is 'Akele Hum Nadiya Kinare'. The track is on the similar lines of time-honored tunes and Shubha Mudgal sounds extremely nostalgic. Ritu Parno Ghosh deserves a special mention for his hidden talent of writing such momentous and profound lyrics.

After a couple classic sonatas, the album runs into a slightly rough patch with 'Hamari Galiyan Hoke Aana'. Another track 'Jug Jiye' is analogous and both the tracks fail to do any value addition to this distinctive compilation. Meena Mishra and chorus execute a good job, but due to a slow ineffective melody, it may be rather difficult for these tracks to find many takers.

To conclude on a positive note, 'Raincoat' does have an idiosyncratic assemblage of assorted soundtracks targeted toward intense music lovers.If the tracks are interlaced gracefully and tactfully into the narrative, then the association of the music and the story should be mutually beneficial.

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