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 Pooja Bhatt
 M.M. Kreem
 Sayeed Quadri
 Irfan Khan, Ilene Hamman

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Download Rog WallpapersThe last two attempts from The Bhatts haven't been fortunate enough at the Box-Office, but not unlike Ramu's factory, the Bhatt factory is also ad infinitum churning out movies. Not deviating from their style of movie making, Bhatts once again come together with an economical film - "Rog" with a cast that has no Stars. Irfan Khan becomes an obvious choice for the talent hungry Bhatts and Ilene Hamman introduces herself to the Indian audiences as the female lead of the movie. Shreya Creations Private Ltd Presents Rog, while Pooja Bhatt and Sujit Kumar Singh produce this Himanshu Brambhatt directed motion picture. Musically, (only) Bhatts remain loyal to M.M.Kreem. Sayeed Quadri and Neelesh Mishra have done the lyrics.

With "Maine Dil Se Kaha", K.K. re-erects the "Awarapan" magic from Jism to quite an extent. A soft mellow number with minimum musical instruments playing in the background, the track has a nice humble tune. K.K.'s vocals are emotive enough to envisage the situation of the on screen character to drone such a heartrending number. Sayeed Quadri's lyrics are emotional and consequential enough to compliment the total feel of the track

K.K. soldiers on with the flow of emotions with "Tere Is Jahan Mein", but you will have to stress every muscle of your ears to understand K.K., he is barely audible, especially in the beginning. Much on the lines of the previous composition, the track does have its individuality in shape of a tune that is averagely likable. Kreem's musical backdrop and Neelesh Mishra's lyrics are the creamiest elements of the track.

Download Rog WallpapersUdit Narayan gives a solo performance in "Khoobsurat Hai Woh Itna Ki Saha Nahin Jaata" and its truly only Udit. The track is a great composition with vocals of a master and Neelesh Mishra's eminent lyrics like "Zara Sa Jooth Bhi Dhang Se Kaha Nahi Jaata" and "Woh Mujhe Khwaab Koi Kyon Dikha Nahin Jaata". Kreem's melody and music arrangements are instantly likable due to a mystical feel that enhances the quality of the track.

K.K. returns with intense emotions but this time not alone. Shreya Ghosal's tuneful support enhances the goodness this track - "Guzar Na Jaye". Shreya's vocal diversity is worth noting here, while she displays good versatility by lowering her otherwise high pitch and sounding extremely sensuous. A passionate tune with passionate music, lyrics and singing together yield a quality track

"Sufani" is up next to bestow more diversity and some extra punch to the music. Written and produced by Gaudi, the track emphasizes that there are no language barriers to music. A steadily paced track with well thought-out employ of music instruments may find only a few select ardent and erudite music lovers.

M.M. Kreem's version of "Khoobsurat" rolls up next and it shouldn't be any difficult to give higher preference to the Udit Narayan version because for some reason the track is very well suited to his voice and his style of singing.

Download Rog WallpapersNo wonder Shreya gets the full cake with a solo version of "Guzar Na Jaye" where she is stupendous. If things go right, the track should help her get more of such sensuous numbers while giving ever so busy Sunidhi a much-required break.

The "Rog Theme" gracefully concludes the compilation, but not before, impressing much due to intense music arrangement where the Violin pieces deserve a very special mention.

Overall, "Rog" is a Quality product and it does take somebody of Mahesh or Pooja Bhatt's caliber to identify and opt for less known yet extremely gifted music team rather than rope in popular ones, but end up with a raw deal. However, due to slack publicity campaign, the movie is not creating enough ripples within or outside the industry, which is extremely contrite, as this would mean, frittering away a wonderful compilation.

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