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 Rok Sako To Rok Lo
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Arindam Chaudhary
 Prasoon Joshi
 Sunny Deol, Manjari Fadnis, Namrata Shirodker

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Young love and college campuses have always been the favorite breeding grounds for most Bollywood stories. 'Rok Sako To Rok Lo' by one Mr.Arindam Chaudhary is a buzzing campus love flick where Sunny Deol plays a Special Appearance, but is so prominent in all promos that are desperately trying to sell in his name. Check out the promo captions 'Mega Star Sunny Deol as never seen before', which are very true because Sunny Deol has never looked so harebrained before. Then there are others like Yash Pandit (Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai fame... don't stress too hard... you won't remember), neophyte Manjari Fadnis and Namrata Shirodker who should (at least) now start looking out for alternate career options.

Musically, there are better names like Jatin-Lalit and Prasoon Joshi who is just as creative with lyrics as with his commercials.

The album unwinds itself with the title track 'Rok Sako To Rok Lo', which is the best thing to happen to the music of this movie. Melody and pleasance of romance are in the air while Shaan and Shreya unite for this dreamy duet along with Babul Supriyo, Ishaan and Lalit complimenting to the delightful feel of the track. Prasson Joshi's uncomplicated lyrics come quite handy while humming Jatin-Lalit's blase tune.

Jatin-Lalit let the melody flow uninterrupted with the next track... 'Nazron ka Yaarana'. This time its Sonu and Sunidhi who take charge of emotions with a fairly good melody along with a danceable beat.

Up next is the music director duo's current favorite Abhijeet's turn to enchant who does, to quiet an extent with 'Yaaron Sun Lo'. The track bears emblematic Jatin-Lalit touch and is averagely likable.

The romance is still in the air and this time more than before, as 'Haan Mujhe Thaam Le' opens up with wonderful Guitar pieces that make their way to the heart through ears. Alka Yagnik and Babul Supriyo make up for good treat for ears while Jatin-Lalit compose a tune that's instantly congenial.

'Jaane Kise' by Shaan and Alka Yagnik once again re-enforce the melodious rhythm of Jatin-Lalit's amusing composition. Not better than previous, the track does have its own key points in expert singing, quality lyrics and an affable tune.

The friendly and pleasant mood of the album built so far is jolted by a sad number - 'Tera Gham'. Sonu Nigam is the obvious choice for this track, as he swoons his way through emotions along with Alka Yagnik who is no less. The track may serve for a good break for those in theatres, while those outside have a choice to avoid this one.

Musically, 'Rok Sako To Rok Lo' can be termed as a little above average due to Jatin-Lalit's easily likable tunes, but the way the movie is being promoted and the not-so-fresh look of the movie along with lack of viable star cast, if there are any hopes from this movie then, please - Rok Sako To Rok Lo.

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