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 Vikram Bhatt
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Mayur Puri
 Sanjay Suri, Urmila Matondkar, Zayed Khan, Tanushree Dutta, Aftab Shivdasani, Amrita Arora, Ashish Chowdhry, Sophie Chaudhary, Tanushree Datta, Aftab Shivdasani

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View Speed Movie StillsHollywood’s CELLULAR or Bollywood’s SPEED! The slapstick trend and formulation of Hollywood’s DVD rip-off’s shows its “jagged” edge again with Vikram Bhatt’s SPEED after the dismal show of under-scripted and dismantled THE TRAIN (poor lift from DERAILED). After impressive and melodic ANKAHEE, the combo of Pritam and Vikram Bhatt delivers another noteworthy offering in SPEED. It’s no great deal but an innovative feel as “stomp” genre head-straights with its loud percussive thump in the marquee. The “stomp” distinctiveness lies in its non standard instrumental work and making itself accessible through modes of “performing art”. Its cyclical rhythmical patterns with similar percussive feel might be tedious but adds itself as sub-genre to hip-hop, jazz and pop. Like all Pritam’s trendy albums, SPEED primarily caters to urban pop genre and enthralls with its brief packaging of six original soundtracks.

“Hello” works exclusively for gizmo friendly teenyboppers (as inspired theme suggests) who parades their flashy mobile gadgets with their bubbly quips and cranks. Shaan’s rhetorically youthful vocals creates a hullabaloo of congeniality in chirpy chatting as Mayur Puri’s impressively garrulous lyrics shows the volubility of emotions in jumbled mobile digits cluttered with frolicking passions. Sunidhi’s voguish and feminine rendition complements it pertinently at smoldering seductive pace with added sensual oomph’s, whimpers and moans. Pritam’s modern musical gadgetry infuses zooming keyboard notes with racing synthesizer’s tunes making the fun-loving track tuneful with the situation.

View Speed Movie StillsThe romantic mood gets into vintage melodic textures with Sonu Nigam recreating his subtly crooned “Falak Dekhun” (GARAM MASALA) with contemporary lyrical flow in vociferously delivered soundtrack “Loving You”. Despite its soft tuneful textures, Pritam prefers to modernize it with trendy westernized beats where Sonu’s modulating vocals forms affability with rhythmical variations and groovy beats in its orchestration. New talent Antara Mitra’s shrill paced voice makes subtle and brief appearance with minimal impact as technically synthesized beats and rhythms rules the show. Lyricist Mayur Puri lyrical flow works mechanically while its moderately pitched orchestration restricts it to a resounding situational feel.

View Speed Movie Stills Shaan’s gregariously pitched demonstrative romantic vibes strikes bouncy chemistry with gruffly voluble Sunidhi Chauhan’s in catchy and impulsive “Wanna Wanna”. The Punjabi “dhol” beat structure has shades from “Chori Chori” (GARAM MASALA) while Latino styled woodwinds and flute rendition gives it an imposing prelude. The aggressively grinded beat patterns mixed and matched with feverishly delivered techno-generated impulse gives it a beguiling appeal. It promises frothy and lively exuberance on silver screen (if choreographed aesthetically) and a bright factor in album’s promising sales prospects.

“Tikhi Tikhi”, the principle feature of this teenybopper’s delight album strikes with full venom and bang as Afro-American styled emceeing (similar to Akon, Jay-Z, 50 Cent etc hip-hop tracks) makes striking and notable presence with lethargically punched rhythmic beat structure. After uproarious “Deewana Teri Aankhon Ka” (KYA LOVE STORY HAI), Joy hits high on tempo with racy high-voltage musical arrangements that will excite party animals. “Tikhi Tikhi (stomp mix)” works with comparatively lesser musical thump mixed excessively with loud percussions and frolicsome hip-hop to give it a “theatrical” appeal. Sachin Gupta’s enthralled DJ skills deliver a groovy impact that catalyzes acrobatic choreographic skills on the floors with rhythmical flow. “Tikhi Tikhi (stomp mix-2)” flourishes with energized prelude followed by repetitive loud View Speed Movie Stillsdrumming and noisy percussive sounds that is complemented deliriously with racy hip-hop work. Both “stomp” versions are straddled with dissimilar beat patterns but works intrinsically with same formulations of rhythms, tones in the backdrop.

SPEED entertains with the frolicsome and playful musical antics delivered through “good-humored” chirpy lyrics and hip-shaking thrusting musical impact. Pritam strikes gold again but the album sounds stumpy in terms of delivering a worthy chartbusting soundtrack in its upbeat offerings. The soundtracks “Tikhi Tikhi” and “Wanna Wanna” holds loads of promise in coming weeks while “Hello”, a telecom friendly number amuses with its racy flow.

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