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 Taarzan - The Wonder Car
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Gordhan Tanwani
 Himmesh Reshammiya
 Vatsal Shetsh, Ayesha Takia,Amrish Puri,Farida Jalal

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Talk about adventures and our Bollywood is just the right place to be. Gordhan Tanwani and the director duo Abbas-Mustan's newest venture - Taarzan - The Wonder Car is an adventurous movie with an unusual story line wherein a car is the real hero. Although, Amitabh Bacchan did have an ultra sensitive cab in the yesteryear's super hit Khuddar, (and also one in Akayla), the idea was not exploited to the fullest. Created under the banner of Baba films, Taarzan would be the launch pad for the greenhorns Vatsal (of the Just Mohabbat fame) and Ayesha Takiya (has featured in a couple of music videos and commercials). Himmesh Reshammiya has composed the music whereas Sameer has set the lyrics.

Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik collaborate for a sweet lilting duet "O Sajan" with a pleasant tune. The track has a conventional feel of the 80's (like of most of Reshammiya's compositions), but with modern orchestration, which will connect splendidly with the youth. Sameer's lyrics are in tune with the requirements of such a distinctive love song. The track is undeniably one of the best on the album, but let us venture further and see if we can find something better.

The hit Udit - Alka combo continues with Chura Lo, which is a soft and delightful number filled with freshness and pleasance. The orchestration is superb and catches attention right away, but the tune gradually grows on you. Not surprisingly, with Alka and Udit giving their best you cannot help, but fall in love with the track. Alka joins Shaan for the same track and you would not be able to decide, which one is better.

Did I say fall in love then I am sorry, but you might not at once fall in love with "Gonna fall in love". A fast-paced number with a modern day remix feel, sung by Alka Yagnik, Kunal Ganjawala and Jayesh Gandhi, this one will also manage to grow on you and once it does, you can surely let your hair down and do the boogie. A racy tune, stimulating beats and groovy lyrics will keep you motivated.

The title track "Taarzan" will pep you up to volunteer ahead. Kumar Sanu takes the lead and a quite intense one that makes the track worth listening repeatedly. A superior tune and motivating lyrics compliment the upbeat orchestration by Himesh. Jayesh Gandhi is very impressive, while Sanu effortlessly spells the magic. The track will definitely make an impact as it proceeds with the story further.

Oh Lala Re by K.K. and Alka Yagnik is a characteristic college number that builds up the tempo for some campus hoedown. The youthfulness and freshness of the track is obvious in the tune as well as the orchestration and lyrics. K.K. sounds as young as ever, but Alka sounds even younger and chirpier than ever.

The Roar of Taarzan and The Heart of Taarzan are two instrumentals played back to back. Roar of Taarzan will be over even before you notice it. Ditto for The Heart of Taarzan, but positively they should make an impact if efficiently woven into the narrative.

"Dil se Juda" is no different from the title track. The only difference being Alka's value addition.

No wonder Taarzan - The Wonder Car has wonderful music, as Himesh Reshammiya has managed to deliver a wide variety of music while keeping the melody intact with each experimental track. Neither Gordhan Tanwani nor Abbas Mustan has ever settled for an inferior piece of music and Taarzan is no exception. With the promotions in full swing, we hope that the music of Taarzan - The Wonder Car works wonders for the movie.

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