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Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Khalid Mohammed
 A. R. Rehman
 Javed Akhtar
 Arjun Rampal, Urmila Matondkar, Diya Mirza, Shabana Azmi

By Raunaq Kotecha

Tehzeeb is a unique film. Unique to the extent that its director, star cast and music is concerned. Khalid Mohammed - the director, Shabana Azmi, Urmila Matondkar, Arjun Rampal and Diya Mirza - the star cast and hold your breath, AR Rehman - the Music Director. With such a unique setup, it definitely formulates Tehzeeb as a truly Hat ke film. AR Rehman has made a brief comeback with this film, so it certainly excites me to write about Tehzeeb's music. AR Rehman has once again teamed up with Javed Akhtar to give some electrifying tunes with heart rendering lyrics. Tehzeeb's music has different flavors to it, but to know exactly what Rehman has in store for us this time around, let us take a sneak peep into the intricacies of Tehzeeb's music.

The album opens up with Shaan singing "Khoyee Khoyee" for Arjun Rampal. This track has been on promos for quite some time now, but has not been all that popular for obvious reasons. A mediocre tune and some funky lyrics is not what we expect from AR Rehman and Javed Akhtar. Also, the song has an overdose of electronic and head banging beats that will barely give you a chance to listen to Shaan, although his ever so popular smile is quite noticeable in this song. You may not be keen on Khoyee Khoyee that much, but after listening to other tracks on the album you will not have a choice, but to adore this one.

Meherbaan follows and subsequently grows. Yes, this is truly an AR Rehman composition. With Ashaji's voice, this track is worth a notice anyway, but with Sukhwinder complimenting her on Javed Akhtar's meaningful lyrics, the song becomes special. Although, you may not find the start all that impressive, but the stanzas will indeed leave a long lasting impression. Ashaji is simply superb and no one else could have done a better job than Sukhwinder. One dose of Meherbaan will lead to second, second to third and so on. All the time you are with Meherbaan, you cannot help but visualize Urmila dancing with chic apparels at the seashore (much like Tanha Tanha?) Well, this is undeniably the best track on the album and needless to say that it has been played twice, so you won't have to do the rewinding or back play etc...!

Aapko mujhse gila hota na shikwa follows with some truly meaningful lyrics and a nice subtle tune. Considering that the song may be situational, it is likely that audience might pay better attention to it while in theatres. Sujata Bhattacharya has done a decent job and her voice delightfully suits Shabana Azmi.

Sujata also renders her voice to Sabaq Aisa and Mujhpe Toofan Uthaye, which are again some bona fide ordinary numbers that will disappoint AR Rehman fans beyond limits. Sabaq Aisa has such a distorted tune and insipid lyrics that there is nothing much that I can comment on. Coming to Mujhpe Toofan Uthaye, it surely competes with the previous track for a dull tune.

As if the above two tracks were not enough, Rehman shocks us once again with I wanna be free by Anupama and Mathangi and penned by 'Blaaze'. Sabaq Aisa and Mujpe toofan could at least put you to sleep, but this one will not even let you rest in peace. Thanks to the torturing musical arrangements and weird singing patterns.

All the excitement and happiness of seeing Rehman's name in the promos died down after listening to such average music scores. Tehzeeb does have a magnum opus in Meherbaan, but one such preeminent composition cannot really compensate the losses made by other average compositions. However, if you look beyond music then Tehzeeb categorically has a good director, different storyline and a viable start cast to look forward to!

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