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Music Review : The Attacks Of 26/11

 The Attacks Of 26/11
Director :  Ram Gopal Varma
Music :  Rooshin Dalal, Kaizad Gherda, Amar Mohile, Vishal R. Khosla, Sushil R. Khosla and Sukhwinder Singh
Lyrics :  Kalgi Thakar, Rashid Iqbal and Liaqat Jafri
Starring :  Nana Patekar, Sanjeev Jaiswal and Ganesh Yadav

February 21, 2013 01:07:26 PM IST
By Rafat, Glamsham Editorial
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It seems like a long long time since iconoclastic director Ram Gopal Varma tasted success with PHOONK and SARKAR RAJ . And it appears as if the audience has simply given up on his films. Even though RGV tried all the tricks in the book to lure in the audience but the results have been very disappointing lately. The music of his films too, which had always made a mark (RANGEELA, SATYA, SARKAR etc.) has failed to excite people, just like his films.

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However it appears that all that is about to change with his upcoming release, THE ATTACKS OF 26/11, a thriller based on the real life Mumbai terrorist attack. The promos of the film look exciting and the background score appears very dramatic and realistic. The music has been composed by a host of new composers and lyricist. And even though one does not expect chartbusting stuff from the audio, still one looks forward to the songs which would indeed go a long way in stylizing the film.

Naturally the song that one comes across early on is the much publicized 'Maula Maula', which is a superb racy situational track that has a lovely fusion of Western and Hindustani instruments. The composer Rooshin Dalal gives Sukhwinder apt company as Sukhi is heard rendering the number in his much loved vociferous, energetic and enthusiastic vocals, a la 'Govinda Govinda' style (SARKAR RAJ). The Sanskrit 'shlokas' and some 'shudh' Hindi words used by lyricist Kalgi Thakar, aptly describe the realistic situation, and are apt and motivational as well. The chorus 'Maula Maula', 'Deva Deva' is the USP of the track and the overtly dramatic song does make its presence felt.

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Next up, 'Aatanki Aaye', rendered by Jaspreet Jazz, is another racy situational track that describes the ill-fated time and situation when the terrorists came into Mumbai (from the neighboring country) to attack humanity. The lyrics by Kalgi Thakar are really suited to the mood and give a true insight into the film. Composer Rooshin Dalal and Kaizad Gherda do a good job with just the right musical arrangements.

Although one expected an all-out hard rock from the rockstar Suarj Jagan in the Amar Mohile composed, 'Khoon Kharaba Tabahi', but this one is more of a soft, slow, reality check, situational number that questions the morality and mental degradation of a terrorist behind such a dastardly and barbaric act that dealt a huge blow to the nation and shocked the world. Towards the end, Rashid Iqbal has done the needful in apt words comparing the terrorist to 'haivwan' (animal) and 'shaitaan' (satan). A song to be played as a background score in the film, after the 26/11 carnage that left many innocent dead.

The album closes with a 'bhajan', 'Raghupati Raghav', a popular devotional composition (associated with the father of the nation), which is given a novel touch by composers Vishal R. Khosla and Sushil R. Khosla. The new tune that they choose is calm, serene and soft and the superb arrangements; especially the flute piece purifies the soul. Rendering the composition are a host of artists namely, Sanah Moidutty, Anita Shridharan, Bornalee Deuri, Vishal R Khosla and Arun Jugle and team and they do a commendable job singing as chorus. Liaqat Jafri's heart touching poetry towards the fag end adds to the built up emotions and so does the lovely philharmonic orchestra.

view THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 stills
view THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 stills

We have another version of the 'bhajan', 'Raghupati Raghav Rajaram' sung and composed by Sukhwinder Singh (a good female chorus is heard in parts) who does a wonderful job in both the departments. The famous original tune of the 'bhajan' has been well used and Sukhi adds his own touch to the 'bhajan' by adding some sufi elements to it and fusing it with 'maula maula'!

However the best of the lot is the superb 'ghazal' 'Hamein Ranjo Gham Se' which has been recently added to the album and is rendered by Madhushree, who does an excellent job as her mellifluous vocals are an added charm as she plays along with the words quite like 'ghazal' king, Ghulam Ali. However the USP of the track is Nana Patekar whose heart touching narrative of the poetry /'sher' ( in his highly emotive vocals with just the right tonal shifts) in the beginning of each stanza is simply outstanding. The 'sher'/poetry that is chosen is simple but very universal appealing, 'Jise dil se maine chaha, Use bewafa main kah doon, Mere dil ki aisi jurrat, Na huyi , Na hai, Na hogi . Hamein ranjo gham se fursat, Na huyi, Na hai, Na hogi'. Kudos to the team.

The audio of RGV's THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 blends with the theme and mood of the movie, and all the songs act as a narrative to the plot. The pick of the lot is the 'ghazal' 'Hamein Ranjo Gham Se', 'Maula Maula' and the two versions of 'Raghupati Raghav'. The songs composed by the fresh composers are novel, unique and mostly situational, so they may find universal acceptance tough, but on the whole they will surely add to the thrill while watching them as background scores in the film.

Rating: 3.0

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