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 The Train
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 Raksha Mistry, Hasnain S Hyderabadwala

 Sayeed Qadri
 Emraan Hashmi, Geeta Basra, Sayali Bhagat, Asseem Merchant, Anant Mahadevan, Suresh Menon, Rajat Bedi

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Mithoon, the gifted musical wonder makes big leap in his career as he graduates into the league of solo composer with Shyam Bajaj’s THE TRAIN. It was soul-stirring ‘Maula Mere Maula’ (ANWAR) and romantically mournful ‘Tere Bin’ (BAS EK PAL) that made this lad ‘breaking news’ in musical fraternity. This album has laden his singing expertise as the big surprise with fine vocal show by contemporaries like KK, Zubin Garg, Shilpa Rao and Shaan. Mithoon upbeat and snazzy music isn’t ‘earth shattering’ by any standards but treadmills the path of admired and accepted hard rock music work pioneered by talented Pritam.

After Himesh Reshammiya, Vishal Dadlani and Pritam, its big time for Mithoon to make his mark as playback singer and he swash-buckles with élan in highly pulsating and trendy dance floor track ‘Woh Ajnabee’. This haughty and snooty track discusses about a mysterious but lovable ‘stranger’ in highly rumbustious vocal modes by sensual Shilpa Rao with flashy and racy dancing beats. Mithoon’s funky and frolicking paced music is the brightest aspect that smolders the passionate feel on dance floors and it will be another ‘hit on block’ in offerings. Shilpa Rao’s seductively paced vocals sets the tempo that sparks ire of desire and the feel transcends further with Mithoon’s impressive rendition. DJ Akbar Sami’s hip-shaking delivered disco beats fillers and stylishly paced DJ claps and beat juggling effects gives a dash of frivolity that leaves a feel of sheer playfulness in ‘Woh Ajnabee (remix)’. Treasure it for next party feast and rock the floors!

KK leaves a signature impression of ‘lost paradise’ and refurbishes the nostalgia feel of eternal love in his peculiar mode in penetrative and sentimental ‘Beete Lamhein’. The singer showed perfect chemistry with Pritam and now he strikes a chord with musical panache of Mithoon with poetic flamboyance of Sayed Quadri. It takes a load of perpetual thinking from lyricist as he chisels out lines like ‘Chand Lamheit ke Vaaste Hi Sahi, Muskura kar hi mujhe mili zindagi’. The luminosity of heart-broken poetry is mirrored in the pristine flow of serenity felt in finely penned ‘antaras’ and ‘mukhdas”. Soft stringed guitar strumming and sauntering piano notes gives it a befitting touch and makes it another worthy presentation. KK has been prolific in delivering such tracks as it can be clubbed in the cadre of numbers like ‘Alvida’ (Life In A METRO) and ‘Bas Ek Pal’ (BAS EK PAL). The sluggish paced characteristic of typical ‘lounge’ mix impact adds moments of hope and despair as KK sounds more vociferous and audible in sentimentally plugged ‘Beete Lamhein (lounge mix by Goldeyy)”. Brilliant!

Mithoon maintains the aura of serenity in his synchronized music arrangements as his vocal chords emotes out the feel of dejected and spirited lover in sentimentally delivered ‘Mausam’. It blossoms his singing flair and is supported by another delectable poetic work that mesmerizes into senses with soft pitched orchestration. Sayed Quadri’s poetry gleams again in emotionally enriched poetic works ‘Jab Tadapta Hai Kabhi Apna Koi, Khoon Ke Aaanso La De Bebasi’ followed by some more poetically refined delivered lines. The soundtrack found the fancy of composer and producers and got itself repacked and revamped in another two versions. ‘Mausam (club mix)’ has a booty-shaking feel with loads of tantalizing beat patterns with oozing echoing effect. Akbar Sami lauds it with style as he punches infectious disco beat fillers that make cyclic impact with resonating vocal rendition. ‘Mausam (Progressive Mix)’ sounds more like a promotional feature fast paced number that displays the flashy events and happenings of the film.


KK along with Zubin Garg finds the finest of vocal concoction in delivering the aggrieved emotions of an emotionally frazzled lover in ‘Tere Tamanna’. It works on recurring sentimental feel of album with a hard rock base harmonious touch. The enthused electric guitar strumming with spirited percussions gives it a trendy feel that are well complimented by singers prowess. Sayed Quadri’s elegiac lyrical flow maintains a uniformity of emotions and it catches up with listener’s senses. The number gets complimented with two foot-thumping and spirited remix versions and both gives moments of amusement on floors. ‘Teri Tamanna (club mix)’ is a contemporary ‘club’ mix by Akbar Sami with finest of hip-shaking effects and loads of funky musical thump. The vocal erupts out well with animated musical arrangements and gels with the vibrant feel of disco station. ‘Teri Tamanna (Euro Mix)’ comes out with intimidating effect and flashy echoing impact with heaps of frenzy paced disco beat fillers that sets the body moving on the dance floors. Goldeyy shines well as potential DJ in his first offering and surely it will add one more credible name to promising DJs’ list.

Mithoon pulls down curtain and give this flashy party album a grand finale with a situational soundtrack ‘The Train - An Inspiration’. Talented Shaan makes his first spark and delivers this philosophically inclined theme number with his smoothening vocal impact. This is presumed to be visual spectacle as it might conceptualize the flashy perception of technically flamboyant ‘sky train’ (Powered by Bangkok Mass Transit System) for the first time on Indian screen. It still meanders into senses with Shaan’s supercilious rendition with impressive lyrical work and pretentious musical work.

Mithoon, the new ‘kid on block’ scintillates with his first solo offering and the album proves his mettle as a competent composer and worthy songster. His music sounds many shades similar to Pritam’s hard rock music style but still he props out with entertaining soundtracks. Lyricist Sayed Quadri’s outstanding lyrical work is another high point of the album and this gifted team-work will surely bring rich and hopeful results. It’s a promising growth of a spirited re-arranger to determined guest composer who stuns and strikes big deal as solo composer in his first offering THE TRAIN.


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