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 Tumsa Nahi Dekha
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Anurag Basu
 Nadeem Shravan
 Emraan Hashmi, Dia Mirza

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Tumsa Nahin Dekha. Expectations from this Bhatt camp movie are sky high following the success of 'Murder' early this year the songs of which are still chart busters. Except for Dia Mirza who has changed the way she spells her name hoping to change her fate and that of her movies too. Mahesh Bhatt repeats his 'Murder' Director Anurag Basu and the actor/ relative Emraan Hashmi in TND.

The music is by Nadeem Shravan and Mr. Bhatt claims that the music of TND will be a bigger hit than his preceding mega hits like Aashique, Raaz and Murder. Ever-dependable Sameer puts pen to paper. However, the fate of this film will prove whether it's Bhatt-Basu magic that works or it's Mallika who apparently claims to be the sole raison d'Ítre for Murder's roaring success.

The song that introduced the film to the audiences through promos also introduces the album and it's the opening song "Bheed mein". Shreya Ghosal instead of Alka Yagnik who has always been the most obvious pick for such songs beautifully croons this one and almost all the other tracks as well. The song bears the trademark Nadeem-Shravan-Mahesh Bhatt style and is conventionally melodious. Udit Narayan delivers yet another graceful hit like always. With the lyrics so soulful, the song seems quite essential and situational and no wonders it's repeated on the album.

Shreya Ghosal procures absolute charge with "Mujhe tumse mohabbat hai" which has an original version and a remix done by DJ Aqeel, which is currently frequenting on various TV channels. Shaan wonderfully compliments Shreya in generating some youthful vibes for this ascetically groovy track. Melody and the lyrics are good as long as it lasts, but cannot guarantee success. Apart from Shreya and Shaan's mesmerizing performance, there is not much to this one.

Internationally acclaimed pianist Richard Clayderman tries his hand at yet another Bollywood number after his brief yet unsuccessful stint with Rajshri's disastrous ' Uff Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai". An outstanding piano piece by Richard is easily forgotten as soon as Roop Kumar Rathod (RKR) sets off with his share. RKR sounds totally unconvincing throughout the track while his female counterpart Shreya Ghosal sounds different and reasonably good. The tune is normal, but would have definitely got its worth, had it been for Sonu Nigam doing the vocal honors.

Thankfully, Udit Narayn wallops back with "Woh humse khafa hai" while Shreya Ghosal remains constant. A classic melody with solicitous lyrics, the track manages to breeze through your senses. Moreover, the simple contents presented with minimum complications by appropriate singers makes this track a discreet winner.

"Dhanak ka rang" is yet another number by Shreya Ghosal, but this time she is unaccompanied. Shreya does manage to capture the right emotion, but does not sound as dulcet as she generally does. Maybe it is the situational obligation that compelled her to sound a bit shrill, but whatever it may be, the track manages to get least attention, due to lack of melody. Lyrics are fairly sensible though.

Udit Narayan-Shreya Ghosal reappear with one more common track "Maine soch liya". An average melody and equally average lyrical value of this track makes it undeserving of any praise.

Sonu Nigam's only track on this album "Tanhaiyaan" just adds to the list of unimpressive tracks. Although, it would be only fair to say that this one has a tune that is slightly on a better side, maybe because it is highly inspired from Army's "Tana na na", which was in turn inspired from a very popular English number. Sorry Sonu, your desperate lament in this one would take you nowhere close to "Tanhayee" from DCH.

The music of TND is far from being melodious or beguiling and even farer from Vishesh film's previous musical hits like "Ashiqui", "Raaz" or "Murder". One would respectfully disagree with the cast & crew of TND when they declare that TND's music is as good as or better than the above-mentioned movies. Musically, the movie disappoints significantly, let us hope that it does well otherwise.

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