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 Tom Dick and Harry
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Music :
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 Deepak Tijori
 Himesh Reshamiya
 Dino Morea, Jimmy Shergil, Anuj Sawhney, Celina Jaitley, Kim Sharma

By Faridoon Shahryar, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Tom Dick and HarryVishal Dadlani (Vishal-Shekhar) recently said that even though Himesh Reshamiya may be churning out hits by the dozens, the production quality of his songs are below standard. Well, before putting his foot in the mouth Vishal should know that production values are relative and can vary from a composer to another. As long as Himesh is in demand and his songs are making people sway to his beats, there's nothing to worry. At least nobody is saying that he is plagiarizing (If he is, no one knows the source yet) and even if all his songs sound somewhat similar, there's no harm as long as they are likable. In Tom, Dick and Harry, he continues his fine form. It's popcorn fare that will sound good till it lasts. Accept the fast food culture guys.

Jhoom Jhoom is busy climbing the music charts, though it's the clubby remix by DJ Akbar Sami that is making the swerving dance moves possible. While the remixed version is pleasantly peppy, the original finds Himesh weaving the eclectic middle-eastern feel with a rabab like keyboard piece repeated throughout. The beat is laidback and catchy as Reshamiya steps up the gas as far as lending oodles of emotion to Sameer's predictable lines.

View Tom Dick & Harry On The Sets Picture GalleryTanha Jiya Na Jaye has an interesting beginning with an unusual chorus followed by Reshammiya surprisingly singing in a sensuously soft tone and that too in the middle octave. The chorus continues as the music piece and must say that's a good experiment. Ahir joins in for small portions but her voice leaves a sorry impression. The music arrangements have an empty feel with the same rhythm progression continuing from start to finish. The remixed version by DJ Akbar Sami has a tabla loop along with a power shot of bass vibes. Nothing spectacular. Just dance.

Tom Dick and HarryO Mitra Re for me is the best song of the album. And the credit must go to Kunal Ganjawala, for his rendition-attitude is worth marveling. The melody section comprising of keyboard chording is ingenuous. The keyboard sitar piece is a sore ear. It beats me why an instrument like Sitar has to be played on a keyboard. There's no dearth of good sitar players and the original flavour always takes a song to a different level. Meanwhile, the western beats are interspersed by tabla (Thankfully an actual instrument and not a sample loop). The original is worthy of dance floor itself and the remixed version by DJ Akbar Sami is a waste. The tempo is too quick and the dance floor has to be a whirlwind to survive the onslaught.

Tere Sang Ishq He Yaar has Himesh donning the headphone again (By popular demand I am sure). There are sections especially the beginning where he sounds very much like Anu Malik. The husky whisper-in-the-ears, is akin to Malik on a romantic trip. But it's not long before Himesh steps up the gas to touch the higher echelons of pitch. Tulsi Kumar compliments him well. As for the music arrangements, then it's the same old story. One rhythm progression and a keyboard melody section repeating throughout. The remix by Sami is a job well done. It has elements of club as well as lounge gelling together. Tempo is not too quick, yet pacy, the melody lines are enjoyable and the keyboard fillers dotting the entire composition are fun. A paisa vasool number.

With Ye Kassi Kassi, it's over to some pop folk. A chorus line begins the song with Ye Kassi Kassi being a part of it. The choice of singers in Sonu Nigam and Richa Sharma is spot on. While Sonu impresses with his ability to emote brilliantly while switching from one scale to another, Richa displays her command over the unbridled raunchy sound that doesn't feel vulgar. The remix by Sami is a fast paced party with all the trappings of a dance-till-you-drop number.

View On the Sets - TOM DICK & HARRY Picture GalleryIn Cheena Cheena, Sunidhi Chauhan steals the show. She rises above the composition while explaining deliberations on the angst of love, stylishly. A keyboard flute section repeats throughout while English Chorus lines dot this composition as well. It reeks of magical sensuality. After listening to it one gets the feel of a night draped in chiffon illumination. Party crowd will love to groove on the tempting beats of Sami. The tempo is upped and the attitude turns from soft sensuality to an aggressive call-for-love. A winner all the way!

Tom, Dick and Harry has six songs and an equal number of remixes. It's meant for the dance floor and with such a focused approach the results are bound to be positive. Prudes don't touch this. All you party loving people, grab your copy now. You shall get more than what you are hoping for.

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