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UDTA PUNJAB Music Review: UDTA PUNJAB music is not just classy but massy as well

Udta Punjab
Director :  Abhishek Chaubey
Music :  Amit Trivedi
Lyrics :  Late Shiv Kumar Batalvi, Shellee, Varun Grover and Amit Trivedi
Starring :  Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh

May 23, 2016 12:54:07 PM IST
By Rafat, Glamsham Editorial
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There is no doubt that expectations surmount the audio of Balaji Motion Pictures UDTA PUNJAB. The music rights of the film have been reportedly sold at a very high price and naturally one expects mind-blowing stuff from Amit Trivedi, for a film which is set with the backdrop of rock music, rap and drugs.


It's indeed the start that we expected, a mind-blowing one that is! The title track 'Chitta Ve' is mind blasting, taking listeners to an ultimate high with all the psychedelic trance elements and hip hop thrown in. The rap (by Babu Haabi who sounds quite like Shahid) which commences the number contain offensive lyrics (Shellee) but that well and truly etches out the character of the male lead (Punjabi rapper) . The superb rock arrangements, eclectic tune which comes in manifolds (signature tune rocking!) and awesome singing by Shahid Mallya and Bhanu Pratap make this one a unique effort.

It's certainly an anti-climax as it's not a Punjabi dance number the sort that one associates Kanika Kapoor with, but 'Da Dasse' is a dark, foreboding, perturbing and thought provoking, situational number that throws light on the effects of drugs and dope and how it ruins life and health. It also cautions against doping and its misuse.

Lovely guitar strings commence the soft, senses pleasing, 'Ekk Kudi' which conveys the character of the female lead beautifully and is almost rendered in an unplugged manner with minimal arrangements. The song features twice in the album, and is rendered by Shahid Mallya and reprised by Diljit Dosanjh (famous Punjabi singer and now equally popular actor who essays a pivotal role in UDTA PUNJAB). Both do a very good job, but it's Diljit who really wins our 'dil' (dil jeet liya) with his superb rendition.

It's another dramatic, situational number 'Udd Da Punjab' which is simply rollicking due to its addictive and racy tune. The background arrangements (both western and Hindustani) classy. Our rockstar Vishal Dadlani and composer put up a spirited and evocative performance.

'Hass Nachle' is a nice, celebration, all traditional, staying true to its Punjabi folk based root/ flavour number with a lovely sufi devotional backdrop. In fact Amit uses a combo of a few folk numbers for the purpose. Use of lovely harmonium and 'ektara' and dhol and percussions add to the desi charm. Shahid Mallya renders the number with devout emotions (with backing vocals by Shadab Faridi, Suhas Sawant and Arun Kamath) and lyrics emit profound thoughts.

The album closes with the light breezy ,' Vadiya' (meaning very good in Punjabi, may be the term comes from the common Hindi word bhadiya), a situational number that puts forth the leads' ( false) elated mood and his feelings of being on top of the world after consuming drugs . Amit renders the number with feelings. The English chorus 'I am a freak now' is inspired by Sridevi's 'I am bad girl' (GURU) which incidentally was itself inspired by Michael Jackson's style. Lyrics are very apt and need to be commended.

It's an exhilarating, rollicking and mindblasting audio from Amit Trivedi, the sort that was required and fulfils all expectations. It's not just classy but massy as well, our only (slight) hitch is that it's too Punjabi in its flavour. But then, the film is itself is set in Punjab! Our picks are- 'Chitta Ve', 'Ekk Kudi' and 'Udd Da Punjab'. With such a super audio, one really looks forward to the movie which releases all over mid-June.

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