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 Veer Zaara
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Yash Chopra
 Madan Mohan
 Javed Akhtar
 Shahrukh Khan, Priety Zinta, Rani Mukherjee

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It's the phase of the year yet again that has always been fervently awaited by the film industry and its patrons alike. This is the time when the biggest of all and the finest of all are primed with their magnum opuses for the year. This is the time when the Industry trends change, financial windmills spin and the movie mongers are hit by a seemingly unending hysteria of these star struck sensations and the man who is responsible for such exceptional hysterics is non other than Yash Chopra.

The strategy he adopts is quite simple. He hires the best in the business and ensures that they feel enormously special and the on-screen results are equally special. His actresses emerge as the most gorgeous women on earth and his leading men are the most charismatic young men adored by one and all.

Veer Zaara is no exception. Soaring high on the pinnacle of their glorious careers, Shahrukh Khan, Priety Zinta and Rani Mukherjee were the best choice for playing the most coveted roles in this historic epic.

Music of Veer Zaara is divine from the word Go, seeing that it has been composed by Late Madan Mohan. Yesteryear's music whiz who left the worldly matters at an early age had also left a couple of fallow tunes, which were acknowledged by Yash Chopra, who is now making the most of these tunes in Veer Zaara. To attain the best of both the worlds, Chopra also managed to rope in non other than Sanjeev Kohli (Madan Mohan's son) and got the music recreated. For Veer Zaara, Yash Chopra has also brought into play his musical trump card - Lata Mangeshkar for all the tracks and with Javed Akhtar's absolute lyrical support, the music of Veer Zaara couldn't have asked for more.

The initial piano pieces of "Tere Liye" register rather successfully and almost instantly and one can smell good music in the offing. Roop Kumar Rathod opens the track with virtuous spirits, but before you can admire him, Lata Mangeshkar captivates and conquers your senses with her divine vocals and this phenomenon will only get better with each transient track. The interlude of the track serves as the supportive theme of the movie, which is apparent in the promos, while it arouses inquisitiveness, excitement and interest among the music lovers such that one looks forward to listen further. Javed Akhtar's momentous lyrics are a definite plus and they continue to be that way in the balance tracks.

The album steadily moves into some additional pace with "Main Yahan Hoon". A compulsive Shahrukh track is an Udit Narayan solo. The track epitomizes the character's confidence and his presence against all odds. With an archaic straightforward melody and minimum musical instruments, this one can make you hum its lingering tune. The track is just about okay weighed against the previous coalesces of the same troop.

A Patriot that he is, Yash Chopra has to have a song dedicated to our beloved motherland to imbue a few patriotic sentiments within those sitting in the cinema halls. "Aisa des hai mera" serves this purpose more than adequately. Udit Narayan gets into the rustic folk mood pronouncing words with a Punjabi bucolic accent. Gurdas Mann and Pritha Majumder provide ample support, which adeptly blends with the track while it ensues through inspirations from different tunes of the distant past. The track gets elevated to an advanced level with the entry of Lata Mangeshkar's compassionate vocals that elates the melody of the track and boosts the eminence of the relic.

After a hardwearing track like above comes a sinuous idealistic number "Yeh Hum Aa Gaye Hain Kahan". This one too keeps the conformist feel of the album going and sounds nostalgic. Udit Narayan and Lata Mangeshkar once again excel in their singing and the music ensures that it grows on you more you listen and watch your favorite stars set the screen raging. For reasons more than just one, the track is going to have maximum takers.

Solemn and emotional is what it gets with "Do Pal". Sonu Nigam and Lata Mangeshkar share the vocal honors for this onscreen tearjerker, which is about separation of two mature lovers who memorize each other after a brief encounter. Nothing very great about the track, but nothing bad either. In fact, the lyrics are striking, the melody of the track is engaging, and the one's been in the similar situations will appreciate/identify with the track to the T and consequently yield returns to the music company.

Come Side B and you will find Yash Chopra getting a bit romantic an exact copy of Big B in overture "Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum" from Silsila. He does sound cool, but could have been a little brief. Sonu Nigam takes complete charge thereafter and the air is gorged with romance and pleasance with Lata Mangeshkar humming in the milieu, which is of immense help. A divine melody with a splendid musical support escalates the goodness of the track giving you a total peace of mind.

"Hum to bhai jaise hain" has a peppy tune to it and being a Lata solo it cannot go unnoticed. Amusing lyrics and Lata's juvenile singing make up for a grand treat for ears. But before the track is over, one cannot stop wondering about the magnificent output that could have been possible, had the track been sung by Asha Bhonsle!

"Aya tere dar par deewana" is an extremely melodious Qawalli by Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain. Due to a superior tune and a very authentic Qawalli feel, the track impresses a good deal. The "Shehnai" piece towards the end along with the absorbing vocals of the singers corroborate that it wasn't just space filler.

The album reverts to the Punjabi folk ambiance with "Lodi", which is a festival of fire celebrated in Punjab. A fair melody and richer vocals of Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan and Gurdas Mann and other factors are impressive to an extent.

Most of the tracks of Veer Zaara are like timeless classics, but they will need some time before they sink deep into the hearts of the listeners. An elegant publicity by an enormously astute producer with a massive star support will ensure that Veer-Zaara gets a fair chance to prove it's grit. Therefore, only time will tell, if Veer Zaara's music is the one that comes Once in a Lifetime or Once every year.

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