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Starring :
 Mr. Gautam Adhikari
 Anand Raj Anand
 Pravin Bharadwaj, Anand Raaj Anannd
 Arbaaz Khan, Gracy Singh, Shamita Shetty

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From Marathi television to prime time Hindi series on eminent channels to owning their Download Wajahh Wallpapersown production house and a full fledged 24 hour entertainment channel - SAB TV, Sri Adhikari Brothers had only one fad undone so far and that was of course mainstream Bollywood movies. With "Wajahh" being on the verge of release, Sri Adhikari Brothers certainly have a reason to smile, but cannot say for how long. Not very high on star value, the movie will show case the performances of Arbaaz Khan, Shamita Shetty and Gracy Singh. Directed by Gautam and produced by Markand Adhikari, the self-appointed musical thriller has Anand Raaj Anand extending his absolute musical as well as lyrical support.

Two compulsive item number girls convene in "Yeh Zamana". While Sunidhi Chauhan does the playback, Shamita Shetty does the onscreen execution. Anand Raaj Anand takes a crack at the Calypso theme rather scruffily, as there is barely any melodic substance in the track. Chauhan is at her usual best, but that does not seem to be good enough for the track that has a melody that can be easily forgotten.

Download Wajahh WallpapersDaler Mehandi sings and dances to his own tunes in "Agar Zindagi Se". The eloquent "Mahi Ve" (Kaante) hangover is acutely prominent in this Anand Raaj Anand composition. To be quite honest, one may just shrug this one as just another average number from one of his (Daler's) recent albums. However, it is good to see that the controversial air around him has faded, but his music does not seem to be what is used to be at one time.

The album shifts gears with "Sapna Koi" which is a lingering Shreya Ghosal solo. A soothing tranquil track is at least better than the previous ones and does achieve recognition to quite an extent. The music and melody are superior and the lyrics compatible with the situation.

Anand Raaj Anand draws on his velvety vocals for "Wada Yeh Kar Saathiya". With Shreya Ghosal partnering for the duet, one can only get romantic. Pravin Bharadwaj's lyrics or Anand's melody, the track is just an average attempt to inveigle the already bored listeners.

Once the music directors get behind the mikes, it's tough to get them off and Anand Raaj Aanand is no exemption. Exploring his Sufian propensities, ARA croons a Sufi track "Teri Di Ko" and he is competent at it. The "Karaoke Version" of the track however, could have been safely eluded.

Download Wajahh Wallpapers"Koi Na Koi Wajah to Hogi" is the title track concluding the album and perhaps the happiest moment for those who dared to venture until here. The track is again average such that Kunal Ganjawala's youthful and distinctive vocals are of elfin aid.

Once a small screen producer always a small screen producer is the feel that this Adhikari Brother's one of the most expensive product gives. In an industry where biggest movies lacking strong musical support sink without a trace, "Wajahh" stands absolutely no leeway to hit numbers. Not with the kind of star and production value, it swaggers.

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