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 Deepa Mehta
 A.R Rahman
 Sadhna Sargam
 Seema Biswas, Lisa Ray, John Abraham, Sarala, Raghuveer Yadav, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Vinay Pathak, Gerson Dacunha, Waheeda Rehman, Ronica Sajnani, Dr. Vidula Javalgekar, Manorama, Rishma Malik, Deepa Mehta

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A.R Rahman’s name has been synonymous with quality music for years and now it refurbishes itself into soul awakening experience felt through the expressions of trauma, pain and delight in Deepa Mehta’s WATER. The film is an emotional musical offering that connotes the pain, pathos and joy of oppressed widow traumatized by the taboo of cultural backwardness. It failed in Oscars by a whisker but its soulful music has been phenomenal in grabbing attention from esteemed “Grammy Awards” jury. Rahman preferred subtle beats and supple rhythms in all the six original soundtracks that depict blend of sorrowful and joyful expressions. Sukhwinder Singh rejuvenates his musical career as thoughtful lyricist and sums up as one of the worthy prodigy of our generation with his lively vocal performances. Sadhna Sargam scintillates magnificently in one of her most immortal singing experience and adds impressively to the quality work of the album. Despite all critical hullabaloos, the album’s acceptance has restricted appeal to sensible and thoughtful listeners but still adds to the special cadre of class musical entertainment.

The ambience of supreme ecstasy is bloomed to zenith as the somber titillating beats sprinkles fresh whiff of air in poignantly enriched “Aayo Re Sakhi”. Sukhwinder Singh’s throaty vocals brush up senses with soft enlightening folk music that collages well with feminine vocal grace of Sadhna Sargam. Rahman’s somber musical display generates an aura of natural divinity that can be felt in eternal beauty of natural delights. The resonating effect of “Jhanan Jhanan…” sounds analogous to the rhythm pattern of “Ghannan Ghannan” (LAGAAN) but it comes with much decelerated musical flow. The soundtrack got itself in the nomination for the “Best Original Song” along with Rahman’s earlier composed “Luka Chuppi” (RANG DE BASANTI).

The suffocating feminine emotional outcry with feel of oppression and severance gets the passage of expressive lyrical work in sentimentally touching “Piya Ho”. Sadhna Sargam’s sluggish singing mode exemplifies the suffering and pathos with traditionally resounding verses. Sukhwinder adds tinge of sensitivity in the latter stages while the synchronized chorus catalyzes the oppressed feel.


“Naina Neer Bahai” carries the depressed journey with tearful impact as the grim moments are rehashed in piously driven lyrical works. Sadhna Sargam’s mournful singing epitomizes the significance of immortality of eternal love felt in devotion of Lord Krishna. The spiritual healing felt through pristine singing and expressive lyrics works progressively with soft and schmaltzy musical work.

Spectrum of festively cheerful emotions welcomes the festival of colors in boisterously pitched “Sham Rang Mei”. Folksy Richa Sharma throats out the colorful decorum of festival with fine support of Raqueeb Alam and Surjo Bhattacharya. It draws parallel lines from the feel of the album as it is the only pompous soundtrack with ethnic touch.

Spiritualism spreads with the pious rendition of traditional Bhajan “Vaishnav Janato” by Ajay Chakraborty and Kaushiki Chakraborty. This sanctimonious Ram Bhajan has been one of favorites of Mahatma Gandhi and the film opens up in pre-independence era. Its significance and rendition holds significance in spiritual healing while its harmonious display gives situational feel to the film.

Shy and demure sentiments of first love get traversed through playful and mischievous acts in folksy blended “Bangri Marori”. It works intrinsically in building up beautiful chemistry between introverted lovers. The eternal divinity of the emotions can be felt through well versed traditional lyrical verses and phrases. Sukhwinder Singh’s mushy vocal displays give it sentimental euphoric touches with mild orchestration adding doses of serenity.

WATER promises exclusive musical entertainment for thoughtful class listeners with fine blend of folk and classical music. A.R Rahman’s soft instrumental works methodically with soulful impact of the theme while singers Sukhwinder Singh and Sadhna Sargam shows their vocal flamboyance. It won’t be finding fancy of average listener for it’s off beat presentation but will add itself to the special cadre of Bollywood classical works.

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