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 Mani Ratnam
 A. R. Rehman
 Vivek Oberoi, Kareena Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukharjee, Ajay Debgan, Esha Deol.

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Music is his obsession and somewhere we get caught in that madness. A.R. Rehman has done it once again in Mani Ratnam's Film "Yuva". The music sounds as fresh as the film looks. Rehman has once again moved away from the conventional and given something different that is at once catchy. The duo of A.R Rehman and Mani Ratnam has worked well in the past. This time again, their end result seems to be promising. Rehman seeks his inspiration from almost anything and makes even pots and pans sound musical.

In Yuva, the title song, "Dhakka Laga Bukka" has good beats to it. One doesn't understand the meaning of the title. But today a lot of song titles don't necessarily mean a thing. In the voice of Rehman, Karthik and Mehboob, the song has a hymn like effect to it. It has a sort of hypnotizing effect. The title of the movie constantly features in the song. Wonder why it wasn't named Yuva. But the tracks get better with the second song "Khuda Hafiz". Don't go by the title and expect something traditional. This song is extremely catchy and once again moves away from the conventional. It is interesting to note that new voices have sung the songs of the film. The music is extremely fresh and caters solely to youngsters. But then again, Rehman's versatility lures any one who is a music buff. The peculiarity of the song is that the words anjana and anjani keep featuring. Maybe the song should have been named Anjana, Anjani.

In the case of Rehman, one pays more attention to the music and its rhythm. The song has us moving to the sounds of Rehman and the voice of Lucky Ali and Karthik. Sunita Sarathy is refreshing to hear. Her voice is extremely sensual and alluring. It is tempting enough to make us hear the song again and again.

Madhushree sings "Kabhi Neem Neem", the next track of the film. The lyrics are as sweet as the song. Madhushree brings forth the laughter in her voice. Somewhere in the background echoes A.R Rehman's voice. All music composed by Rehman has to have one folk song that always sums up vivid images in our minds, those of dancing girls in colorful Garbs. A song of love and longing, this one is a personal favourite.

The Fourth song "Dol Dol" transcends us to another level. With almost no lyrics except those that are absolutely not understandable, the song has a very modern feel to it. Again this song is for the youth. Blaaze Ethnio has composed the lyrics of this rap number. However, Shaheen's voice is eaten by the singer. The next track "Baadal" is at once a fast paced song that slows down in the middle, only to pick up from where it stopped. Adnan Sami and Alka Yagnik seem to have enjoyed singing this song. And the listeners spot this immediately. A lot of instruments are used in this song, but monotony is avoided. The singers take off where the instruments stop but their rhythm is broken again with newer beats. The lyrics are extremely romantic and we hum Baadal who aaye...

Sunitha Sarathy and Tanvi sing "Fanna", the last track of the film. This number has a trance feel to it. The lyrics seem to strike the right chord. Ulfat ka hain daraya... Ho ne do dil ko fanaa. And the only word that reverberates in our minds is Fanaa. A.R Rehman also lends his voice to this song.

The best thing about the music of Yuva, is its beats, rhythm and the fusion of voice and instruments blended to perfection.

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