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3/15/2010 1:02:35 PM

view HUM TUM AUR GHOST movie stills

view HUM TUM AUR GHOST movie stills

Actor Arshad Warsi, who is best known for his character 'Circuit' in MUNNABHAI series, turns producer with HUM TUM AUR GHOST. He may have delighted us with comic roles all these years but chose altogether a different genre when it came to producing films. Let's know from the actor-turned-producer himself.

How does it feel to be on the other side of the tableĀ - from turning actor to producer
It feels great! To be very frank with you it's a very very hectic & tuff job, but at the same time I am loving every aspect of being a producer. The very fact that the entire film is under your control, you can shape up the film the way you want, keeps you going, always keeps you on toes. Moreover, I have spent wholeheartedly in making this film.

Were you always interested in taking the baton of producer or it suddenly happened to you?
No I never really thought of getting into it. It's due to this beautiful script of the film, I at once decided to produce it. I probably would not have gone ahead had this script not materialized.

Your image has always been attributed as a comic actor, will audience be able to accept you in a different category abruptly?
People have seen me doing enough comedy. And besides that HUM TUM AUR GHOST is a complete packaged film with awesome romance, emotion, drama, tragedy and above all comedy too. So people won't miss my comic side, on the contrary they are getting everything under one roof (Smiles).

There are enough horror genre films in the market, how will HUM TUM AUR GHOST find its place?
First of all I would like to add that it's not a horror film, it's a romantic comedy though it does have the element of ghost in it but it's not at all scary. I didn't

"Rajkumar Hirani said HUM TUM AUR GHOST is magical"

want people to get sacred. I want to remove this notion that ghosts are always scary, have a weird appearance, etc. I want to change this psychology from Kids mind. The ghost in my film is normal, has no special powers. He doesn't even look frightening. Infact he is as normal as he was before death, his benevolent, a good soul, just like an angel always helping others. In this way it's pretty different.

Then you should have rather called it HUM TUM AUR ANGEL...
Initially we thought about this title and were even planning to go ahead with it. But it sounded too English and wouldn't have given the feel of a Bollywood film, so we decided to lock upon HUM TUM AUR GHOST.

Apart from the ghost thing what else the film holds?
It's a very sweet & warm film, apart from the ghost thing you will see romance, power of true love, moral values that people will take home of selflessly helping out others, undying love, etc. It will touch the emotional chords of the audience and get into their system.

Your association with Dia & Boman
I have known Boman even before I started my career in films. We share a great rapport. Right from MUNNABHAI days I was sure that if I ever turn producer/director Boman would be the first person in my film. For Dia I would say she is not only a beautiful lady but also a true performer. She is an actor who possesses enough caliber. I think her acting capabilities are not utilized in a right manner. She is a brilliant actress but has not got her due. Both Boman & Dia are not just terrific performers but also nice human beings. I believe & love working with people who are good human beings.

download HUM TUM AUR GHOST wallpapers

download HUM TUM AUR GHOST wallpapers

Did Maria Goretti, your wife, helped you with your maiden venture
Yes of course she did. She was there at all the times - running like mad & looking after the production so as to get the every nuance right. She also took keen interest in designing costumes for the film.

Where many (big) filmmakers prefer to keep away their films release from IPL, considering the IPL fever, aren't you scared of releasing HUM TUM AUR GHOST, that too your first production, while IPL would be going on
Releasing of film is something which is not in my hand. It's entirely our distributor & presenter, Studio 18's call of releasing the film at that time.

Other films you are producing
There is this film called AKAD, an action comedy which will go on floors by next year. However the starcast of the film has not been finalized yet.

Are you also planning to get into direction sometime in the future?
Oh yes yes absolutely. After writing & producing, I would love to direct a film now.

Like other debutant producer/director have you also used star cameos for publicizing the film
No not at all. That is lying to your audience, it's against my belief. I cannot lie to my audience i.e. like showing something and selling something else.

Have you shown the film to your industry friends? If yes, what was their reaction to it
Yes I have shown it to Rajkumar Hirani aka Raju. Raju loved the script. He said the film is magical. Raju was always there when I needed him. Even Imtiaz Ali (JAB WE MET & LOVE AAJ KAL director) was ever ready to lend his support to me.

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