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Himesh Reshammiya
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Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra
By - editorial
1 Oct, 2004 12:08:42 PM
A star is born!  As the predatory social-climbing seductress who can go to any length to satiate her lust for life, Priyanka Chopra  rocks the scene like never before.

Download Aitraaz WallpapersHer character, appearance, demeanour and moralities are all inspired by Demi Moore in Barry Levinson's "Disclosure". It would be no exaggeration to say that with this one complex characterization Priyanka proves her worth.

After having burnt their hands with a vengeful car in "Tarzan: The Wonder Car" Bollywood's resident thriller-tycoons Abbas and Mustan go back to what they know best: the evil within. Whether it was Arbaaz Khan in "Daraar", Shah Rukh Khan in "Baazigar", Akshaye Khanna in "Humraaz" or Akshay Kumar in "Ajnabee", the directorial duo have always delved into the dynamics of human diabolism.

In "Aitraaz", Abbas-Mustan rip clever pages out of "Disclosure" and construct a yarn that raises sexually seething questions which are new to Hindi cinema.

Download Aitraaz WallpapersWhy must the male always be held responsible for clandestine happenings between men and women? Can't a man be an object of sexual harassment even in a patriarchal society like ours?

Taking on what is a patently passive part Akshay Kumar upturns all definitions of screen machismo by subjecting himself to all sorts of humiliating examinations in the courtroom where he accuses his lady boss of sexual exploitation.

Akshay takes off his shirt. But in the most embarrassing position possible.... in the courtroom to reveal love marks.

Courtroom sequences are Abbas-Mustan's forte. Paresh Rawal and Anu Kapoor as the two lawyers are in splendid form. Their gift of the gab is put to great use.

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