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Director(s) :
Mohit Suri
Music Director(s) :
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Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Saran
By Bollywood Trade News Network
12 May, 2007 11:06:41 PM
View Movie StillsAfter the successful inspiration lift of Najam Sheraz?s ?Mainu Tere Naal? into heart-throbbing ?Bheege Honth Tere? (MURDER), there seems to be cloudburst of singing talents from the land of Pakistan. Barring the exception of Shafaqat Ali Khan (?Mitwa? in KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA) and ?Strings? (?Yeh Hai Meri Kahaani? in ZINDA), there has been uninterrupted downpour of Pak rock brigade from esteemed Bhatt camp in the form of Ali Azmat (PAAP), Atif Aslam (ZEHER), Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (KALYUG), Glenn John (WOH LAMHE) and Jawed Sheikh (WOH LAMHE) into Mumbai filmdom. AWARAPAN, the thrilling love saga from Bhatt camp proves to be biggest launch of Pak rock brigade as their hot ?n? happening talents Mustafa Zahid (lead vocalist of ?Roxen ?the band?), Annie and Rafaqat Ali Khan makes vows of great musical resilience with their chartbusting tracks. Pritam, the upbeat styled composer re-arranges their smash-hit compositions (?Toh Phir Aao? and ?Mahiya?) and refurbishes them to perfection. Besides these rehashed blistering soundtracks, there is generous dosage of divinity in the form of traditional Sufi work (?Maula Mere Maula?). 

After smooth and sauntering Atif Aslam and his rock band ?Jal?, its sonorously paced Mustafa Zahid with his trendy rock contingent ?Roxen-the band? making vows of irrepressible love in their worldwide hit soundtrack ?Toh Phir Aao? (album ??Rozen-e-Deewar?). Pritam?s rearranged ?lounge? version makes first dent as the tranquilly pitched arrangements sets an aura of serenity that transcends gently with Mustafa?s delectable voice. The haunting ?lounge? impact is meticulously pulverized into contemporary soft rock ballad with impressive concoction of electric, rhythm and bass guitars in the backdrop. ?Toh Phir Aao? makes theatrical appeal in its purest form as it minuses the recurring ?lounge? impact but impresses to hilt in almost ?unplugged? original version. It has booming back up vocals (Haider Halim) along with slow pitched drumming matched flawlessly with enthused guitar strumming (Jawed and Omar Halim) in delivering an amiable picturesque of excruciatingly expressive soundtrack. It boomed to substantial heights in their native land and much can be anticipated from Pritam?s impressive rearranged works. ?Toh Phir Aao (remix)?, the reverberatingly pitched disco number electrifies senses as party animal?s special track and well is counted high for it?s visually spectacle decorum for a glossy promotional video track. Like ?Woh Lamhe (remix)? (ZEHER), this DJ Suketu?s special is emblematically resounding where ear-splitting DJ beats and claps makes effective thumping that materializes well with thriving vocals.

?Tera Mera Rishta? comes out as original composition from rock band ?Roxen-the band?, a sentimental rock ballad with a strong musical backdrop of Southeast Asian music. This song about eternal bonding has peculiar auto-phonic musical base with ethnically matched sensual feminine ?alaaps?, exhibiting a situational mushy feel. The serpentine flowing flute notes along with quivering synthesizer notes sets an impressive prelude to the song. Mustafa?s echoing vocals are skillfully submersed into this uncharacteristic style of arrangements where contemporary rock ethics strikes amiable equilibrium. DJ Suketu creates a pandemonium of frenzied events with contemporary ?club? mix style rendition in racy and hip-shaking ?Tera Mera Rishta (remix)?. Like ?Toh Phir Aao (remix)?, it falls into cadre of promotional videos where flashy costumes, lavish set-ups and eye candy stars will be spotlighting the euphoric decorum of the film.