Double Cross

Double Cross
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By editorial
5 Aug, 2005 13:02:33 AM
The leading lady of the super hit KHILADI, Ayesha Jhulka will be seen on the silver screen after a long hiatus and becoming a theatre producer. Romancing with Akshay Kumar and falling in a trap of her own friend's murder in KHILADI, here it is the other way round. Her husband Sahil Khan is romancing with Negar Khan (his ex-wife in real life) and Ayesha being murdered herself. More so, in real life Sahil Khan had to go through tough times to get Negar Khan back to India after her deportation, but times have changed between the two dramatically as now they are no longer in the same relationship. There seems to be some sort of double crossing in the reel and real life stories as in Double Cross, Sahil leaves his wife and falls for the other woman

In Double Cross, everything begins from within a beautiful house in a small town in United Kingdom. Inside this house lives Sonia (Ayesha Jhulka) and Sahil (Sahil Khan), an Indian couple. Sahil is uneducated and unemployed, hence easily hen-pecked by his wife. The plot of the film revolves around Sonia's plan to use Sahil's good looks to bring in the bucks. The bottom line is that she initiates her own husband into the gigolo business and handles his clients herself.

Inspite of constant confrontations between the couple Sahil always emerges as the helpless one. But as time passes and he frequently travels to London to attend to his clients, Sahil makes acquaintances with people in the same business. On one such trip, he comes across a stunning woman (Negar Khan) and is hell bent on getting to know her better. He discovers that she's a stripper and both Sahil and Negar grow closer as they realize how similar their lives are. Getting back to business, Sonia is warned by local inspector, Vicky to stop her illegal practice. But the shrewd Sonia has developed such a vast network that Inspector Vicky's wife too happens to be one of Sahil's clients.

Ultimately, Sahil lands up behind bars and Sonia decides to change her outlook toward her husband and her life. Unfortunately she's missed the bus as her husband and Negar are deeply in love. Sonia and Sahil have a bitter confrontation that winds up with both of them assaulting the other. In the midst of all this, it is discovered Sonia is murdered and there is no dearth of suspects.

Who will be found guilty and who will be acquitted?

More importantly what does the future have in store for the lovebirds, Sahil and Negar?