Releasing On :
Director(s) :
Ammtoje Mann
Music Director(s) :
Sukhwinder Singh, Tushar Bhatia
Releasing On :
Sunny Deol, Sana
By glamsham.com editorial
5 Oct, 2006 29:01:11 AM

Sukhwinder Singh, the prolific throaty singer had brief outings as music composer and largely it has been as a guest composer. KAAFILA, a film about authenticity and plight of illegal immigrants brings him at the driving seat once again after his miniscule but ethnic offerings in low budget CHOORIYAN. Sukhwinder Singh holds the fort commendably as he is the lead soloist in all the happenings of the album and is audible in almost every track. Despite all his modest and sincere efforts, KAAFILA shapes up as stereotyped Bollywood musical offering with strong shades and textures from 80? and 90?s flair of music.
Daler Mehndi, the controversial pop icon strikes affable retribution with his contemporary style of loud and pompous singing along with ?man in command? Sukhwinder Singh in the gleefully joyous ?Hum Raks?. Despite its vibrant and stimulated beat structures, it?s no great match to Daler?s super-hit ?Rang De Basanti? (RANG DE BASANTI) but a modest situational filling for a bonfire festive zest, well complimented in Arabic ?n? Punjabi folk musical base. Sukhwinder Singh?s contemporary musical flow is impressive but it?s too outdated and archaic in present context. ?Hum Raks (remix)? infuses technocratic beat patterns with zany DJ spins, scratches and a strong blend of extra enthused synthesizers working in conventional ?club? mix attire. It works impressively and largely caters to pub culture ?mania? in promising ways.

?Jab Tak Hai Saans?, a ?never say die? soundtrack, is marching troupe narrative saga filled with feel of undying grit and determination depicted euphorically in a format of martyr or melancholy number. It?s Abhijit along with Sukhwinder Singh at the helm of affairs ushering out memoirs of J P Dutta?s styled of war fictional drama. The dramatically rendered orchestrations give a ?hilly? ambience with loud echoing effect that strikes resonating chemistry with the prominently perceptible expressive vocals. It?s thematically situational but an impressive musical show that should prove poignantly narrative in the flick.

The spirit of comradeship with expressively ?dreamy? sentimental feel is forayed with intrinsically profound assorted sentiments of ?home-sickness? and patriotism in the expressive ?Kabhi Kabhi Sapne Bhi?. It?s insightful and quizzical playful thoughts brings shades of ?Chappa Chappa Charkha Chale? (MAACHIS) with cluster of singing talents in most vociferous ways. It?s moreover a 60?s style of enthusiast comrade song where sentimental folksy musical base is preferred with bunch of vocalists. Its classical musical flair with brief rendition of classical westernized orchestration delivered in enthused form are laudable and exhibits the variant shades of emotions. Abhijit, Gurusewak Mann, Sukhwinder Singh and lost in woods Mohammad Aziz voices out this track. It?s another inspiring and moving situational that should catalyzes the narrative elements of the film.