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Director(s) :
Ram Gopal Varma
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Amitabh Bachchan, Jiah Khan, Revathy
By editorial
28 Feb, 2007 17:10:28 PM

Big wind, loud thunder, no rain. This aptly describes Ram Gopal Varma?s attempt to portray a seductive Lolita on Indian screen. After all the hype, the real thing ? coke without fizz.


The director takes on a bold subject and fails to go all the way. He borders on teeny-bopper love even with Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan), shown as a successful 60-year-old father.

For the audience to digest the fact that an 18-year-old Jiah (newcomer Jiah Khan) is enticing him and he just plays along like a poodle is unpalatable. In fact, if it was Lust instead of Love, it would have been more real. C?mon Ramu, how many people that age will want to fall in love all over again after they have found the love of their life!

She?s out to seduce him from scene one and there?s no respect shown, given the fact that the man is father of her friend. Jiah treats Vijay like her classmate and he plays along. No self-respecting man would do that.

The director does not bother to build up the comfort level between Jiah and Vijay to a certain level where the audience can accept the way she speaks with him. Either she?s nuts, or he (Vijay) is nuttier for allowing his daughter?s friend to treat him like a weirdo.

The plot does not move beyond a nudge. Their romance is no romance. It?s a just a childish fantasy.

View NISHABD Music Release - Picture GalleryThe ?shut up? scene where they almost have an accident is handled very amateurishly. How can Vijay allow a chit of a girl to talk to him like that? When his daughter raises her voice to talk to him, (after she finds out what her friend and dad are up to) he shuts her up in front of Jiah?

?Do you love me?? Jiah asks before the interval. After a long pause Vijay says ?Yes? and the camera moves in on Revathi?s (playing Amitabh?s wife) picture hanging on the wall reminding one of the serial Hum Paanch where Priya Tendulkar?s framed picture was a constant zoom-in.