Police Force - An Inside Story

Police Force - An Inside Story
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By - glamsham.com editorial
7 Dec, 2003 32:12:04 AM
Download Police force WallpapersIn one-half of this fling....sorry film...Akshay Kumar  walks around like a zombie....but I've already forgotten which half. In another half, he gets brutally tortured by his senior colleagues in the police force.
But sorry...don't ask which half. Too busy licking our own wounds to care about our super-hero's scampering hinjinks, Police Farce....oops..."Police Force" leaves us gasping for air. The exit sign has never looked prettier....or more distant.
"Police Force" is as forceful as a punch in the stomach - and as entertaining as a visit to a zoo colonized by animals being drug-tested for a potentially dangerous new anti-rabies medication.
The plot -- from what one could make of it in the jumbled gyration of psychedelic song sequences and faded colour schemes that make the frames look as though they had been left out in the sun for too long - is all about very corrupt, very dangerous and very hammy politicians (played predictably by Mohan Joshi, Raj Babbar, Govind Namdeo, and co.) who would stop at nothing to bring gloom into the junta's life.
 The art design of the film as well as the background score keep track with the mood of the subject. The settings of police camps, drawing rooms, lock-ups are startlingly real with drab, gray, natural colours dominating scenes. The sofas, the curtains, the roads of Mumbai all emerge in their natural form as independent actors in a hard hitting drama. Realism enhances the meaning and urgency of Vijay's  final heroic act, which, in another twist, runs parallel to Amrish Puri's saving act. All actors, small or big look real on screen and stick to their characters.